Festival of Holidays

Let's talk about festivals. Well, frankly because I don't really had anything else to talk about now. Since, my semester end is approaching. So from 19th of Nov to 9th of Dec I'll probably be drowned into my course books which I haven't even touched this whole time. So please spare with me. Well once again we are near to that time of the year. And to those whose imagination is on fire by last sentence lemme give it a rest, I'm talking about 'Diwali'. #IndianChristmas Weird trend I know. But let's get into the mood of this amazing festival & go through a list of stuffs, that you probably love to ignore!

Annoying Festival Things

Phone Company Text

That time of the festive season again. When in the world of Messenger & Whatsapp. Your network company never forgets to send you a freaking text, stating you'll be charged 2x times. No matter you paid them enough to buy new clothes. Your Network Company will never stop drooling for more. Because even they know that no matter whatsoever the Warning, your relative that you don't even know exist will text you a freaking emoticon of earthen lamp wishing you Happy Diwali. And the Drama doesn't end there it'll end with a P.S. note stating "regard *Insert Job Position* *Insert Annoying relative Name* and Family. I mean seriously, why you own a cell-phone.


To a person who don't even have a bit of a sweet-tooth. I can know your struggle. All these fancy wrapped cases. Filled with a huge variety of dry fruits and mithai becomes a nightmare every single time. I mean you do know that we know you might have got it from someone we might know & all you're doing is cleaning the extra baggage from your house. But it's traditions that embark the foundation of the house. "Guests are GODS! And Gods give you great presents." Hello! it's 2015. There are way more things you can genuinely gift. Do you have any idea how much Kurkure is spending on making those sh***y 'Why so Sweet' Ads. I know they're annoying but atleast get their point.


Ah! that tiring day before the main festival. Whether or not the lightening is better than other's houses? Is it exactly the same like last year's? Will decorating that portion be good? Where to fit this lamp? Is it safe to place that lamp there? How you're suppose to put that light over that? The questions can literally challenge the word limit of the post. Especially to a person like me who turns a lot jumpy during those explosive sounds, I'm bound to get myself a little shocked every time I'm coincidently gonna place my hands over the lightening.

Wealthiest Crackers

"Oh! you only got the pataka's worth just a thousand. We spend five thousands over them." Kinda a normal conversation. Still don't get this concept of buying a bursting explosive worth so many bugs. I mean seriously it's just gonna blast making an annoying sound. What's so good about it? But it's always a competition who made the most noise pollution, air pollution etc. (I know I'm sounding extremely stupid to some people. But just give me a valid reason for your euphoria over a bursting explosive & I make sure I'll change my opinion.)


I mean why is it so hard for people to understand that's it's a Festival to be enjoyed with your Families and Friends. You know there'll be people going crazy on the streets with those explosives. You know there'll be animals running away from those irritating sounds. Then Why? (except in case of serious emergencies) Why are you so eager to take your fancy SUV on a ride in such a festival? There are explosives bursting everywhere don't you get that?


50% off 80% off "with terms & conditions applied" (But rather then writing so we'll just add a small '*' sign instead) only for limited days. Dilwali Bonanza/Sale/Offer even Pre & Post Diwali offers? I mean seriously. Probably I'm not knowing anything about your marketing strategies. But seriously, give us a break to decide. We wanna read the newspaper for the latest or celebrity happenings. not to buy another fridge when We already have a nice one. We don't want to change our whole furniture just because it's Diwali Sale! Please Sound Sensible! We know it's all about your business not our Happiness.

Well that's it for this time hope you guys enjoyed it. Please share if you do. As I said before I have my exams coming up so it's the last post of the month. But I'll be back as soon as I get free. To all the people who have had got offended from this post, NO SOrrY! Festival is about living in the moments cherishing your relations taking a break. Don't let your fun disturb somebody's else life. That's it for this time. Enjoy this Festival! Have a Happy and Safe Diwali. See you Soon!

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