This post is solely dedicated to YOU! Yes, I'm mentioning you the person reading this post right now. Thank you so much for sparing your precious time to read my nonsense. But believe me I'm quiet good at this. It's Friendship Day! And I couldn't have been here without you. Thanks You! So as my friendship bracelet I wanna tell you my Favourite reason why I call you Friend instead of just readers/fans! Enjoy!
  • Witness My Struggle.

  • Consistency and Honest Reviews.

  • Patience. Enough Said.

  • Our Sharing Habit.

  • You Appreciate my Dreams.

  • Tolerate my Mood-Swings.

  • Inspire Me.

  • Appreciate Difference in Opinions.

  • My Cheerleaders.

  • Booster.

  • Mischief Managed!

  • Guardian Angels.

  • Your Pride Promotion.

  • Co-orporation.

  • Your Unconditional Love and Support.

Thank You For Believing in ME!

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