Awkward Fictions?

So besides the fact that I consider myself an avid reader, a hilarious Movie critic (No claps please!) and a music connoisseur. There are still pretty much most time I'm pissed by the fact that story is going far away from reality. Especially when it comes to my favourite genre ROMANCE. In real my crush doesn't like me back, they don't even know I exist. Then how the hell can you have this stormy wind brushing your face and hair at absolutely no predicted time making you look even more irresistible? It's actually fakely generated from the freaking 8 foot big fan that the set of cinema has to intensify the look. If that wind will be blowing into my face in real life. I would be making wierd faces all the time looking stupid as hell 'coz of that dirt that's burning my eyes. Hence, I decided to list out few things that piss me off about Fictional Stories.

Unrealistic Things in Fictional Stories

  • Charming CEO

    May it be the most famous right now Christian Grey. Or not so famous Finn Laurel, Arjun Datta. These kinds of top company CEO doesn't exists. Who are ruling their game in their 20's and still have ample amount of time to look classy while having a date with their gf. The reality is he won't be an American Suits wearing gentleman. Just a plain guy extremely prioritizing his business over anything.
  • The person you're in LOVE is the Most Desirable person ALIVE!

    If by most means the Male Protagonist isn't a money spitting machine. He'll either be the most flirty Casanova of the world or else the quiet mysterious avoiding types that's gonna attract you as a magnet. Then there'll be a time he'll ask you for some kinda help and you both will end up dating each other. The Most Absolute Lie any Story can ever tell. If somehow he turns out to be one of the TYPO's he'll be taken already or else Not Interested In You!
  • Speaking out Loud your feelings

    I'll blame Shakespeare for this. To all the girls who read or saw Romeo & Juliet and completely fantasize about that Balcony Scene. That's never gonna happen. If someone will be climbing up your balcony who you just met confessing his attraction for you makes him a complete Stalker. You're suppose to kick him out (Please Do that if it really Happens!) And in fact I agree it takes humongous guts to speak out your feelings. But it never comes out perfect, it'll always be amateur unless it's scripted. And you'll end up laughing or feeling extremely awkward.
  • Sudden Realization

    This moment creeps me out the most. I mean how could you Suddenly out of no where can realize you're in LOVE. "You suppose to care a lot about her/him." *OMG! I'm In LOVE!* Really has that person made you drink some kind of Love Realization Potion by their talks. I mean in reality you could've been dating for years & still won't be sure if the Guy/Girl you're with is actually the ONE or not.
  • Mutual Feelings

    So you've finally decided to confess you're feeling 'coz it's getting way to much to handle. And there you said it! BOOM! The person hugs you and say they feel the same for you. Reality either they'll be walking away in embarrassment without saying a word. Or else they'll be gracefully (if not punch their face!) explaining you how something like LOVE couldn't happen between the two of you.
  • Magic TOUCH!

    The thin air separating you from one another soon turns into electric sensation. Overwhelming your pulses making you realize this is the best moment. But when it actually happens you're so shocked by the feeling that you double the size of your eyes. Looking extremely Dumb and trying to hide your dumb look rather then enjoying the extremely explanatory TOUCH?
  • The WIND! That Freaking WIND!

    The Overly Romanticised Concept. That brings butterflies fly in every hopeless romantic stomach as soon as they enter a windy place. This scene usually happens in Slow Motion. You're looking at the person you extremely like. You're pupil is changing it's size. Making the person seem to walk towards you in slow motion and wind enhancing their look. Though if such a scenario does happen you'll either be managing your hairs or covering your eyes from dust. During which the person will already be near you.
  • Over-Explanatory First Kiss

    OK! This is the part that most people skip. (Just Kidding I don't) Especially if you're reading a book. The first Kiss is so explaining that you sometimes think does it lasted for more than an hour. By the time in Reality it's already over, it's explanation in words would have reached just the second line of 5 paragraphs. The over excited response of your body to the other person's body...do we really need that?
  • Here comes the TROUBLE!

    Yes, we're reaching the end. But you're not suppose to end the story without some form of tragedy or trouble clouding over. Making it look impossible for a good ending. Look we know if it's all Happy Sunshine Unicorn and Rainbow stuff it'll turn boring. But always adding the same old stuff with a villain return, secret reveal, fight sequence, parting ways crap even makes it untollerable as hell.
  • Happy Ending! (Mostly)

    AHH! All's Well that Ends Well right. WRONG! it's never right in real life. You're never gonna marry you're Celebrity Crush unless you're Ginny Weasley. You have to compromise and lower you're expectations from the perfect soul mate to a real person. Who'll be as flawed as you. And you'll still struggle you're whole life trying to keep yourself Happy!
I hope you guys enjoyed reading and relating to that post. P.S. I still read and re-read all these cheezy moments. P.P.S. this post is actually made by me just to promote my very own first book on wattpad! Head over to the My Book! tab above or click here. I hope you guys will enjoy it it's just the first chapter that's released I'll still try to update the story as soon as I can. Don't forget to comment and vote & I'll see you next time!


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