Why I Am an Introvert?

Now-a-days I'm very frequently tagged to be someone with an Introvert nature. Frankly saying I do believe that I have bit initiation problem. (is that what it's called?) Like I don't really have the urge to introduce myself first & act all yourself in-front of a complete stranger. Which might sound a bit awkward to you since I post these blogs very publicly. But anyway I'm a complete opposite in real life, I guess. What bothers me is the fact that people judge me for being so. It's not like people don't judge you for anything or nothing you do. Since, my this nature makes people assume that I'm an anti-social attitude robot? You got it wrong! Here's the reasons why I'm Socially Awkward!

I Am Deeply in Love with my Internet Connection.

If I had a choice I might get married to it. It even scares me about the time when I literally had a no internet connection in my life. B'coz it literally feels like I've found Soulmate. There to listen, speak & take care of me whenever I want to.

I Am A Lazy Freak.

Believe it or not if I had enough money I would even like to have an assistant to type all these things for me. Ignoring the fact that I completely enjoy it. Even bringing the spoon from the Bowl to my Mouth sometimes seems like a tiring activity for me.

I'm a Book-Nerd.

Even though the invention of ebooks/kindle devices. I still prefer to read a story that is imprinted on rough sketchy pages that you can smell. And it's not really handy to carry a book everywhere. Or people find it extremely annoying when they are trying to talk & you're crying over your favourite fictional characters death.

I Am Really Blunt (sometime?)

This is actually a 100% true opinion but people get it as an Insult? (Don't know why?) I mean you're asking me for the truth & not ready to hear it? I mean figure out what do you want from me.

I Keep on Thinking & Making.

Disadvantages for having anxiety & the only way to get a break from my terrible thoughts thinking mind. There's always different form of thinking going on in my mind. Of which 90% of the things never happens b'coz I'm poor. That why I think of being rich & draw myself swimming in a room full of Gold Coins like Uncle Scrooge!

I don't look Good!

Clothes - Makes me look more fat. Makeup - Makes me look uglier. Surgery - Heck no! My eyes are already haunted by everything sharp & piercing. So, due to my unattractive appearance people keep staring at me thinking what the hell is this creature walking on two legs?

There are People...

OMG! The Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Gods most beautiful creation. I don't believe it! The moment you step out of you're laptop you see a human. Asking you to do stuffs. Forcing you to interact with them. Asking you to get a REAL Life. *Disturbing*

And Their Advises.

You're going through a bad time, BOOM! let's make it even worse. Hit them with a tsunami of suggestions that they should do. Here's a list of things you should have done, avoided, made, said etc. Like you're never been through quiet the same situation at some point of time in your life. Let things be...Don't make the condition even more worse.

Their "Life-Experience" Stories.

If you're still lucky enough to live a life where you've never heard phrases like, "In My Time", "When I was Little", "This is what I did. Follow that." I'm already cursing your life  'coz I wanted it. What can't people just Shut-up & mind their own business? I mean How difficult is it?

After hearing them You starts question your Life!

Have things actually gone that worse? Will I never be able to make it big in life? Do I really have a chance to meet Zayn & attend Comic-Con/VidCon? Is this life worth Living? Have you got the answers to that questions?

That's it for this time. Sorry for not writing for other days I was busy in other stuffs. Just wanted to say if I ever did something that extremely annoyed you please forgive me. We are all people at the end of the day full of flaws & a whole lifetime to mend them. Try to embrace your uniqueness rather then question it because of others label. Stay Strong! Stay Beautiful! Stay You!

Meet Ya Next Time!


Neha Assudani said...

One more wonderful article to read.. ;) :D

Neha Assudani said...
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Deepika Vidhani said...

I never thought this worst condition of mine can be defined in words ....love it yrr...hats off....bahut sahi h yeh ;)