Summer Book Recommendations!

Well my parents understood it very early. I wasn't an extrovert kid. I wasn't somebody who loved hanging out, meeting new people and do all those things that a small kid is suppose to. Or maybe this all happened due to my excessive dirt eating habits. (Don't tell anyone.) At least now I know the reason why I have a younger sister. An absolute contrast to me, the basic reason why I find her annoying. Anyway, where was I? Yes, my parents. So, they got it that I'm not gonna be someone with a tons of friends and that might have effected my growth as a child. So, they found the solution. "Imaginary friends" let her enjoy with them. Hence, I was the only spoiled kid in the colony with the biggest Kitchen Set & Comics Collection. Until four years later, when my kitchen set basket was used by my mother to keep my sister's clothes & diapers. (Sorry, I just got out of a fight with her so I'm l'll bit freaked.)

Somehow, the comics are still safe. 'Coz in my traditions we worship the books & papers. Which was the biggest reason why I find myself so engrossed in reading. Just like writing & drawing is meditation to me, in the same way reading & listing to music is food for my soul. (Since, my tummy is always stuffed with junk food.) Books are still the best friends I've ever had. They're something who still welcomes you with a bright smile, even when you haven't been in touch with them for a long time. Apparently, for the past few weeks I've been through a hard time. I was feeling hopeless, helpless, stressed, depressed and just felt like crying all the time. Not all because of my no-internet-connection situation (Dued my so much work.) but due to various other personal factors. That's why I decided to just get up & do something, rather then just sit there & think terrible things. I drew, I painted, I wrote and when I was finally stable I READ! Some of the long-lost books that I even forgot I had. So this blog is dedicated to my friends, my bestest friends. Who have stayed by my side the longest.

My Most Favourites (Summer Edition)

{Summer is almost here so are the holidays. So, I guess if you want a great story dreamy summer. You are at the right place. P.S. They're in a random order.)

  1. The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen

    Good things first : It's an amazing novel. Sad Thing : I heard about it very late. Besides the fact that I'm one of the biggest Sarah Dessens "Summer Romance" novels lover, I hate the fact that I never heard of this. Macy (the protagonist) gives up her passion of running when she looses her father. That definitely don't turns out to be OK! But as it says, things happen for a Reason. In comes my favourite character in her life Wes. How things starts to make sense once again? You need to read this novel to find out. Frankly speaking it'll be loved by every single person. If you have given up on your passion, you gotta read this. It's okay if you Fail but it'll be worse if you Quit!
  2. Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

    To every girl who thinks she isn't pretty & will never find somebody...Time to think again. It's one of my most relatable novel. The story is as the title goes about Eleanor and Park. A journey of these two misfits, who turned out to be perfect fits for one another. The way they starts to bond over Comics which was actually Park's way to avoid Eleanor. The lovely Steve & Park's fight. How he rushes to find her when she runs away from home. OMG! this book is definitely worth a read. If you're into YA Fiction don't leave this!
  3. Paper Towns - John Green

    John Green has been one of the biggest inspirations in my life even before I knew that He's the author of "Looking for Alaska" and "The Fault In Our Stars". FYI this novel has already been turned into a film, the trailer is even up starring Cara Delevingne & Natt Wolff. This time the story is based in Florida. 'Q' Quentin used to be a very best friend of his neighbour Margo. In high school they went apart, until one day she mysteriously shows up in his room. Telling him she's on a mission to take revenge from a group of people who hurt her. Q joins her as well. UNTIL...dun...dun...dun...Margo's parents files a report of her missing from the past three days. Her parents seems more frustrated since it's her fifth time of running away. Q finds some clues that had probably been left behind by Margo herself, to point out where she is. Hence, Q with his friends sets out on a journey to find her that'll change your opinion on books. It's Incredible piece of work. The ways of taking revenge the journey everything. You'll fall in Love with the characters just like any other John Green novel.
  4. The Selection - Kiera Cass

    It's right now my most favourite Novel at the moment. It's actually the first part of a three book series followed by "The Elite" and "The One". The Selection was a novel for rescue to me, since right now everything is a post-apocalyptic crap. But this one will never disappoint you so does the other two. For the first time I judged the book by it's cover...:P & it turned out to be great. The story is of America who is forced by her family to participate in the 'Selection', a competition for winning the Prince's of Illea i.e. Maxon's hand & of course the crown. But she already has a secret boyfriend Aspen, who even asks her to join the competition just to better her future. And then goes the story of competition's rage, jealousy, confusion, fate etc. It is a Classic. You're gonna love it, the characters, the plots, the twists and turns everything. Trust me it's greater than any other Dystopian Novel out there.

  5. Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver

    "Mean Girls" fans it's a treat for you. If you have grown up in the torturous "reputation-matters-the-most" high school environment, I bet you'll find it amazing. The tagline was the one that literally, attracted my wallet to buy it anyhow. It said "What if you had only one day to Live? What would you do? And How far would you go to save your own life?" It's a story of Samantha, The most popular person of her school. She has everything great boyfriend, friends, popularity. Then, Feb 21 turns out to be her last day. BUT she gets another "SEVEN" chances to live her last day. Unwinding every single mystery and secrets related to her death. This books gonna open up your brain. It'll make you understand the literal meaning of LIVING.
  6. Angel - L A Weatherly

    If you've been a friend of mine, you'll be quiet sure I can't stop talking about this book ever. Even the craze is so high, that I even shout to my parents that, "You gonna find me my Alex. It's then only I'll say Yes...:P" So, if you're not amongst those people whom I've told this story a hundred an eighty times then here you go. It's a story about Willow whose supposed to be a psychic but things change when she reads one of her friends & ends up finding out that She's a 'Half-Angel'. Alex is an Angel-Killer who gets a mission to kill Willow. But instead he saves her. Little later is when they get to know that She's suppose to destroy the Angels & save the world. Their Journey, Their Spark, Their Motive and ofcourse ALEX KYLER gonna capture your mind completely. As it's review says, "It's a sin to miss a book so good."
  7. Lola And The Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins

    Life is full of most amazing surprises aren't so Super but you should always learn to embrace it. That's everything that Stephanie Perkins is trying to explain it to you in a way that'll overwhelm your heart. Lola Nolan loves to design her outfits, and just wishes to attend the school dance in her 'Homemade Marie Antoinette' dress. But there lies a problem, her parents disapproves her rockstar boyfriend Max. Until things starts to change, she's finding Cricket Bell irresistible to ignore. Who she chooses & what about the Dress? Grab a copy of Lola and the Boy Next Door to find out. You'll be amazed how much of a cute and likeable personality Cricket has been written.
  8. The Longest Ride - Nicholas Sparks

    Once again the King of Romance is there to amaze you. I feel so bad to say that, I literally got bored of just plain romances a while ago. That's why I switched to fantasy but this book just kept me intact here. It's even turned into a movie, so do read it before going for the movie version. So this is a story about two couples, Sophia-Luke & Ira-Ruth. Two stories absolutely different from each other, set in a very different time frame. Yet the question remains the same? You should define priorities in life. Ira in his ninety's and in a very bad health conditions effects Sophia so much from his stories that she starts to worry more than usual about Luke. An adventurous cowboy, who displays amazing & dangerous Bull Riding Shows. It's a perfect treat for all Nicholas Sparks fans, you gotta own this if you still believe in True Love.
  9. The Land of Stories : The Wishing Spell - Chris Colfer

    Well, this was something I ordered completely in excitement. Since, I was and will always be a 'Glee' fan and a 'Klaine' shipper. And just didn't read it for a month because I thought "I'm way too old for it." Fortunately, due to boredom I opened it & man, I could never put it down. It even made it to my list 'coz Chris recently tweeted that he's done writing it's 4th part & I just can't even. Here's the story btw : Conner and Alex end up going in the story book their grandma had. Where they discover all the fictional characters like Three Charming Brothers, Cindrella, Sleeping Beauty etc. But they have to make their way to the wishing well so that they could get back home. Will they make it on time? Relieve all the adventures with your favourite fairy tales characters by your side. It's a huge punch of nostalgia that you'll never forget.
  10. What Dreams May Come - Richard Matheson

    Sadly, I watched the movie version of this book before I can read this book. But it's an old classic that'll be criminal to miss. Chris (the Protagonist) is dead but gets visited by a man again & again to make him understand that it's not just a bad dream instead look beyond it. Which turns out to be his cousin Albert who takes him to Summerland (Heaven), a place with no pain or death. But didn't find this likely when he realize his wife Ann has killed herself. Which made her transferred to "Lower-Realm" of Summerland (Hell). Where she has to live for 24 more years as her expected life span. He needs to get her back and She can't recognize him. So, he has to make slow efforts to make her realize who he is. But with the Hell's atmosphere swallowing him up will he be successful in his attempt? The Novel will make you realize why death is not an end & why it shouldn't be feared. Matheson's finest work & it's worth a read.
Hope you got pretty good information about the novels. I hope you'll be excited to read any of these. Besides that I wanna inform you people that due to my sem-end exams I won't be able to upload anything till May 21. But wait I got a great thing coming up. So many surprises and fun stuffs awaiting for you. Be patience, I'll be getting back with a blast with "Summer's Suprises!" Please, Please, Please stick around once I'm done with my exams I will entertain you in a much consistent & better way. Enough for this time, will meet you soon. Till then....

See YOU!

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