Here's to My Dearly!

Hie again! And look I started out this journey in June....to have bit of a time pass during my Last Summer Vacations and now things are so Changed! It's Halloween Month(the festival that always spooked me but in real I never celebrated it...:P) Almost year end...Festive & Fall time and as for usual I'm feeling ALONE! Yeah! I know you myt be thinking another "Dark Themed" poem on it's way. But who didn't thought so...CONGRATULATIONS! you just won a virtual hug from me. (Pass it on.) Actually, the thing is my only free home entertainment system aka my Lil' Sista' Nishtha aka Philanthropic Nutzz was off for her school tour. (To which I don't wanna go to details as she might be enjoying all those pretty...viewable...nice...or whatever just call them GOOD places that I wish I would see as well with my friends.) And maybe by the time you read this she must have come back as well from there...bringing in lots of gossips to irritate me forever.

But forgetting the Bad & Sorrowing things, let's just think about some good stuff. "Because I'm Happy! Clap Along..." (Sorry, just you know sometimes you type what you just heard...or in other ways Hearing...Nice song by the way!) Anyway, so since these are some of my few freedom days I hope I could change the Poem stuff...& let's just tell you somethings that completely...Drives me I.N.S.A.N.E.

Things I'm sick of hearing with/about my Sister all the time.

Disclaimer: This post doesn't relates to any alien, creature or unknown worldly being. It's solely made for the purpose of explaining people to stop saying the repeated things to me 'coz then I'll find you annoying & stop talking to you.And all you'll think is this girl got Attitude. In case you can relate it to someone you know you're Problem not mine. It's sole purpose was to have some Hee-Hee...Tii-Hiii...HuHuHaHaHa time remembrance.

1.) "You look so Similar. Are you girls Sisters/Twins."

Yeah! she was born 4yrs Later. I mean what am I suppose to say?

2.) "Oh! so who's the elder one?"

I Mean Seriously, are you kidding me...I'm "+4yrs" to her age don't I look older or Is it a Compliment? An Explanation is required!

3.) "She's got such Good hairs. What happened to your's?"

Stop it! Everybody is born with different...hair...Type! It really Hurts!

4.) "She mixes so well with everyone. What's the problem with You?"

People Interaction Tires me...there are very-5 little people that I learn to Tolerate...I meant Accept.

5.) "Do you always switch wardrobe dresses."

Why you guys don't get in We're Two Different Person, not a person suffering from dual-personality disorder. {No Hate to all those who do...just clearing!}

6.) "Do you guys even have Fight!"

I mean everybody have Sibling fights! All I'm saying is our's is just bit too more Dangerous.

7.) "You're choices are as Alike as you gals are."

We look alike 'coz we're Real Sister's doesn't mean Our Minds Function just the same.

8.) "Atleast you've got somebody to listen to you."

If only she ever stop talking that's when she can LISTEN to me.

9.) "Seems like You gals are Telepathic."

For the one last time...We Look quiet Alike(the point we never agreed.) We're not TWINS...just Sisters. {FYI not all Twins are Telepathic.}

10.) "She's So RESPONSIBLE."

#PJOFTHEDECADE have you literally forgotten the meaning of this Word. Special Virtual Air Clap those who all agree with me!

So that's all I've got for this time. Hope you had a good time reading it. If you can relate at any point please let me know in the comment section below. This post doesn't had any intention to make my Sister hurt.(Just kidding! I really wanna let her know about my evil plans brief.) All I meant is having sibling do seems annoying a lot of times but they are the best friends you can ever have. So closing this post by this horrible picture of me & her's while she was leaving for tour. (IDK why I'm doing this I look extremely pathetic in it.) But just to make it up to my Sister...follow her on Twitter & Instagram and don't forget to subscribe to her!

Good Bye! TS Style..:P

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