Blamed & Shamed

When the dress is tight,
Doesn't fit me right.
I'm asked to change.
When it's dark outside,
Having my lone ride.
I'm asked to come home.
When out in public,
Must not display my relationship.
I'm suppose to control.

Then why should I stay calm,
As someone try to put me in harm.
It's the criminal to be blamed,
Still I'm the one being shamed.
What happened can't be brushed off,
It made me humiliated & pissed off.
Why I'm supposed to surrender,
I'm already labelled a weaker-gender.

"Western" is just "Hypocrisy" mockery,
It's users are definition of snobbery.
Amount of fabric covering a body,
Doesn't indicate flirting be a hobby.
Time to change your perception,
Developed on inutile misconceptions.

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