Drop of Talent; Mixed with Misery,
Looks like I was raised as a Subsidy.
Butterflies sparkled in the dark,
Left on a cliff than an arc.
So I took steps back
And joined the crowd,
Told things I lacks
Better obey & bow.
Wore black to hide my light,
Feared brightness can damage my sight.
Burned ideas & symphonies I write,
Just to be normal to act alright.
But as the time neared,
I no more disappeared.
Picking up my worth & gears,
I made my own year.
Sometimes being your own cheer,
That's how you loose a Fear.

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Hey guys! This month I'm trying #inktober i.e. I'll be making 31 ink based drawing for 31 days of October. That'll all be posted here on 31st of October itself. If you want to check out my progress follow me on instagram by clicking here. And I've a Facebook Page now. Please like it! Else then that check out the latest Inktober entry Video Below!

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