Love Is Love

There are three issues that I personally care about deeply. That are Mental Illness, Religion and LGBTq+ issues. And before I offend someone, I want to be clear that it's all 'My Opinion'. Anyone can give their as well unless it becomes offensive. As I was saying, this blog was even started due to utter boredom and existential crises. I always give words to the feelings and situations dealt by me. But, right here all I've openly ever talked about is of me being Bipolar. Partly because at the back of my mind I've always been scared of the labels that I consider will be put on me as soon as I'll talk about 'Gay Rights and Recognition'. Because firstly and unfortunately, most people who I know personally don't even know what LGBTq+ stands for. Then, when I explain it to them it's usually that awkward silence reaction where in the back of their mind they start thinking, "Is she so interested in such issues because she's one of them?" Well...to answer that Yes! I AM AN ALLY. Which according to me makes a part of it. And NO! I'm not a lesbian. I'm a straight Indian girl who believes in equality. (i.e. requesting amendment of Section 377.)

But why am I making my comeback post after two freaking months with rambling about LGBTq+ rights? Well, if you've been actually living under a rock. You might not be aware about the open fire that happened in Orlando. It's noted to be the biggest mass shooting incident in American History. AND it took place in a Gay Club. With fifty people dead and about fifty three people severely injured. I'm badly moved by such incidences also 'coz of the fact that I lost one of my Family member and Christina Grimmie in the same week. It hurt me to my soul that all I can do pray and ask for giving the lost souls families courage to get through this tough time. It's PRIDE Month. A year ago Same-Sex marriages got legalised in all states of USA and now...

News : http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/14/us/orlando-shooting.html
LGBTq+ people exist. So does HOMOPHOBIC idiots. If your believes are taking somebody's life I guess it's time to change them. Ask yourself what shocks you the most 'Two men holding Gun' or 'Two men holding hands'. We are half way through 2016, still people gets tortured for who they decide to love. When we have the right to speak our mind and educate ourselves. Why is there still a barrier in deciding with whom we want to spend rest of our lives with? Love sees no gender. God (if exist) is there for all it's children. And it's not gonna punish you for choosing your happiness over somebody's opinion over it.

"Support the spectrum of Love. Support the Diversity of Choice. Because Love Is Love!"

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Thanks for reading. #PrayForOrlando
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