From time that I began to recite,
Started to protest against otherwise.
There's always this thing,
That stop me to begin.
Been surrounded by wrong,
Still I try to stay strong.
There are these rules & reputation that assemble,
Forbidding the paths that seem like my gamble.
When it was success,
Told to reach out for more.
Now here are regrets,
Talks of not trying from the core.
What looks freedom has a different definition,
When the dreamer and believer have different ambition.
Everyone explain their version of right,
Couldn't get in that it's no more 1975.
Expression can be art.
Passion can be careers.
Talents set you apart.
Workplaces have changed in years.
What never ends is the greed,
To have way better living then the needs.
So vomiting grief is all I choose,
Spilling my quarrels before I loose.
I'll paint my thoughts until I can,
It's the struggle I share here till then.
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