Shh...Behave! Make your values Display,
You can't get everything that you crave.
Hide your Skin; Keep your voice low,
Your beauty should be radiating though.
This is the way you should act,
Timidity makes people attract.
Females are the weaker sex,
Maybe just another pleasing objects.

If that's how you define a Girl,
Time to punch your head in swirl.
She's a Human like any other being,
Not a robot to follow you agreeing.
It's she who decides what she wanna wear,
It's her decision to shout any-time she cares.
She has got her own mind,
So it's you who's acting blind.

Feminism isn't always being pretty,
Neither it's about labelling men shitty.
Google the definition if you can,
Feminist means EQUALITY with men.
A society can grow only in balance,
Not by forcing another side Silent.
It's a Body Positive/Anti-Racist/Trans inclusive Club,
That allow every open mind join the hub.

So here's to the people who call us 'Men-Hating',
I suggest you to change what you're stating.
Fight for equality has never been wrong,
Just another way to build the world strong.
To all the lovely people who support this change,
Time to spread worldwide our message.
Since a high headed woman isn't the problem,
But she's the only way how you can solve them.

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