I Dared

Trying to be Different,
But how Dare Me?
Following my Interest,
NO! I can't fly free.
Fascinating Dreams,
It's just my Brain.
After-all I'm just a Teen,
Only emotions Insane.
So let's give it a Shot,
I wanna be on Top,
Live like a way; I've been taught.
 Then Why Suppress?
Why this Stress?
Why I'm turning to a Mess?
Hold UP! I've got this,
I'm gonna turn it bliss.
Swallow the Words,
With some Doubts.
Oh My Lords!
Help me OUT!
No Mob Screams,
Low self-esteem,
I got to succeed by all means.
And now the wave hit the shore,
Maybe it'll silence all those roars.
Where's the water?
That'll drown me deep.
You're not that better,
Have you been asleep?
This is not your thing,
You can't do that.
A voice that flinged,
Again started a chat.
Dare to be Different,
Dare to be Free.
You're Magnificent,
Rethink what you can Be?
Stand-Outs can't Fit In,
Struggle make them Win.
If that's not how it's been,
Let's make that clock Spin.
If you got a Talent,
Make it Count.
Complete the Challenge,
Slay the Mount!
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