It's a great task to survive,
With a mind colourful and naive.
Eyes that refuse to shut,
And sometimes scream enough.
Ears dance to the rhythm,
Yearns to hear freedom.
Hiding those shaky-hands,
Till how long I really can?
Words that always shout,
Can barely escape my mouth.

Labels are heavily weighing,
Time is honestly slaying.
Talking least about things that matter,
Hiding those feelings that make me shatter.
Morning struggles to shine,
Emptiness hold the blinds.
Everywhere that I fail,
Misery follow my trails.
Hence all I do is Crawl,
Bury myself in Waterfall.

This is Wrong.
Play that Song.
Face those feelings.
Keep your sane.
Stand up Straight.
Find your Healing.
Hate is a Burden.
Love is a Certain.
This is my Believing.

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