The other day, I and my sister were having a conversation. I at random spoke, “It’s such a privilege. That we have the capability to read what we have written or just read in common. Imagine what if we don’t.” No matter how amazed I was about this topic, she wasn't. OK! I know if you burst out randomly about “literacy” in the middle of a talk concerning One Direction. People do seem shocked. But I'm an Over-thinker. And you being one of those people that I can hold on a talk with…always be ready for my random crap. By the way I instead went like, “Fine. Remember our Gujrat trip? Or don’t you remember the feelings we get while watching an Anime. We are clueless of what is being written.” Maybe this event didn't matter to you at a level it does to me. Because it do made me rethink my ways. To a person like me who spends 80% of her life reading every single story that fascinates her. Followed by spending another hours developing baseless conspiracy theories about it. Reading is indeed the biggest blessing of my life.

Ever been to a different country/City/Place? You might have known the struggle. When English turns into only medium of conversation. (In case your mother-tongue is solely English. And you've never been through such scenario. Too bad, Languages are fun! Learn more.) We always brush away these things. I mean seriously, even I don’t do that. How weird will it be? But imagine thousands of those people who can’t. Poverty and people suffering with it somehow affect me the hardest. I don’t know why but I feel a shame in the eyes of my maid, every time she comes up to me with the calendar asking to read where the coming festival gonna be.

I do tell her anyway. Not because I pity for her inability to read. Instead I’m proud of her. Confused? Don’t be. I’m proud because she’s one intelligent human being. She’s not letting her situation get the better of her and especially her children. She is providing them with the best of education and vocational training that they deserve. That’s something with Indians right? No matter what we’ve seen in the past. We work day and night to make sure our future isn’t affected by it. Result? From 1947 when the literary rate of the nation was as low as 12% turns out to be 75% in 2011 census. But that’s not it. It shouldn’t be a full stop to our development.

But instead new goals should be more properly designed. Like? Biggest requirement is equality in job opportunities, education etc. Still, millions of women are married right after they pass their school or even worse 8th/10Th standard. To my shock most of my friends even consider learning household chores more important than building a career. Secondly, proper studying environment need to be made. Things like long power cuts, unhygienic school surrounding, earning pressure have always been a biggest hurdle in rural education. Eradication of such evils can help benefit the society at a higher scale than imagined.

Lastly, there should definitely be Freedom of choice. Remember the iconic three idiots dialogue “What if Sachin Tendulkar parents asked him to have a career in Singing. And Lata Mangeshkar’s parents wanted her to be a cricketer?” Your career should be a definition of yourself. Something that you’re Proud and most of all Happy to do. Make sure you become an Asset rather than a Liability. Think what you’ll say to the world rather than what will People say? (Log Kya Kahenge?) If you choose to pursue your dreams despite of the opposition. You should be determined enough to make it Big by your Hard-Work.

On September 8th 2015, World will be celebrating INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY. A day that makes sure there are methods made to eradicate Worldwide illiteracy. You might be privileged enough to read this whole post but a huge amount of people in some part of the world aren’t. And if these things don’t make you sad…you’ve got issues. So this is what you can do.
  • Share this post. At the end of the post I’ll be posting links of all those websites and organization that can make you be a part of the change. With sharing even if you can’t help in some way maybe somebody else you know might.
  • See all the links I've attached. They in a very beautiful and moving manner explain you why it’s such a concerning issue. And numerous ways of how you can help.
  • You can directly donate, be a part of the campaign. And share by writing your own opinion about it. It’s always a pleasure in Giving.

Here are some bunch of Links that can be helpful
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