Dear Fat People

One of us, then why writing so?
I'll reply to it first let me go.
Oh hey you Practical '8' shape,
There goes my Chubby-Cheek Face.
I don't get this thing with Humans,
Labelling each other in such an illusion.
Welcome to the World where your size Decides,
How you're gonna live your life.
Obese, Healthy, Fat are shaming tags,
Skinny people rule Cover Mags.
Diabetes, Thyroid, Cholesterol Yeah! We too live,
Before our comfort nothing is that Massive.
Just tell me how many gyms do you know,
Advertising Weight-Loss rather than Fitness Goals.
Resistance to Any problems don't apply when just you're Thin,
It's a humongous pleasure to enjoy what's getting within.
Here's to the people who are proud in their own skin,
You're Acceptance of yourself is the Ultimate Win.
Before starving yourself just think otherwise,
Your size isn't associated with your Heart being Nice!

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