Been almost 10 days until the last post. I know. But I'm happy you all now know the reason why. Not been a very great time of my life (As Always.) Even I failed miserably in updating the look of my blog! So apparantly I asked you guys what should be the next Topic for new blog post. Thankfully I got one reply...(Don't laugh Alright!) And my best friend asked me to write over positivity. Sounds corny to me as I'm termed one of the most negative person most of the times...But it did dwell me into a lot of thinking. So, Let's refrain Positivity in my way.

It might sound a bit different to few people but I am genuinely a good-hearted person. People love to misinterpret me since I'm more on the observant side. And end up saying stupid stuff 'coz I was dwelled into my observation rather than your words...:P In short, story of my life is I fall in love with everything or anything sometimes.

Sound of an infants Laughter. The light cold breeze in the morning. The smell of moist rain soil. Hot Water Bath. Sudden Burst of Smiles. Weird Snoring. How free your feet feel while in water. Getting hair oiled. Realization of extra time to sleep. When people decide to trust you. Old couple sharing umbrella. Mountain Scenary. Wedding Food. Different people reaction to Surprises. Ballet. The soothing sound of Violin & Flute. The feelings you get while cuddling with your teddy bear. New Adventure. Going on Long Rides. Indian Artifacts. Paintings/Drawing that make you feel stuff. Getting signs that Things will be alright soon. Zayn's Voice.

I don't know why all my lists end on him. But yeah...that's my defination of Positivity. The path lightning torches that always stop me from giving up. These are few of those things that make me understand that Life isn't that Bad anyways. It's all these Little Things that will never slip out of your Mind. And make it all WORTHWHILE.
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