Nostalgic AGAIN!

A blogger that post 60% of her work related to old times, this seems nothing new. But in my mind this thing seems totally new. Don't know the exact reason. Else than the fact that I don't feel like writing a poem at this moment. Ignoring the fact that I can make it right now. But anyways, let's just keep struck to the Topic. Frankly, typing something that's bothering me is somehow a pretty easy task for me. Weird? But yes part of me. The time when I do actually struggle is when I have to display happiness. Still sounding weird...umm...I actually can't do anything about it. Seems like a side effect of my anxiety. So, where was I yes Good Ole Days of Past. Here are few things that I extremely Miss and Relate to.
  • The Card Collection


    Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Pidgeotto, Vulpix name any of those first 150 pokemon's I had it. Mostly in any form you want the tazzo, the changing one (Forgot it's real name), card, puzzle. I was obsessed. Back to the time I somehow managed to make a deal with the shopkeeper, who used to give me almost every pokemon accessory I asked for. Since I was losing the control of my weight because of eating four Cheetos product a day. {Finally, discovered the reason for my fatness & ugliness} And this habit of mine though enhanced my Business Abilities. Since I was the biggest Landlord of Pokemon collection.
  • The Non-Digital Games

    Unlike today, I didn't grew up into a very digitalized, machine-addicted society. I got my first PC when I was 10. Before that all I had for playing and enjoyment were just Toys (Not robots, but things like Doll House, Kitchen Set, He-Man Action Figures, Cars and Star-war Weapons) and my wicked imagination. And since I had a younger siblings who used to make utterly severe damage to my toys. I used to play all Alone. Reason why I still hate sharing and People-Interaction.
  • Outdoor Games

    Yup! we didn't really played Subway Surfers or Temple Run every day and night. Not only it was considered to be Games for Lazy but it even felt frustrating. At evening everybody wanted to go out and play all those tiring, bruising and literally breath-taking games like Hide-And-Seek, Catch-2, Ice-Water, Tipi-Tipi-Top, Gully Cricket or just basic Cycling race. And you know what? I genuinely sucked at them, but I was still very happy to play them. I don't know why I used to win all the time! {Because I was a crybaby. Must have been driving people insane.}
  • Comics

    Don't know about you but 50p literally provided me the most biggest happiness of all time. I was obssessed. Disney Today, Chacha Chaudhary, Shaktimaan, He-Man, Betal etc. name any title...I might have read it in Hindi. No girl I guess in that time wanted to be a superhero cop like me. While everybody else used to play with dolls, houses or kitchen set. I used to torture my family members to read me these comics. Till today, if I find one of these. I might tell you the whole story after reading a page or two!
  • Dave/Prince

    Yeah! only these 16-bit colour combination game existed. Most irritating and Most fun at that time. Dave and Prince were the pioneers of rgp games. Tell me one person who completed these games. What was the result of Dave do we get to create a new level. Or what the hell happened in Prince? Were we ever able to save the Princess? Biggest mysteries of Initial PC Gaming since '99. If you know the answers of the story lemme know it in the comments down below.
  • Fancy Dress

    I became a Tomato the first time. Radha the other time and I guess Indira Gandhi the next. Still seems to be the most memorable, hilarious and embarrassing memory of childhood. I remember those endless hours my family members used to work on my costume then on my performance. Still I used to freak out on the stage & instead always did a complete nonsense.
  • Cartoon Network Shows

    Popeye, Jhonny Bravo, Road Runner, Looney Tunes, The Flintstones, Bob The Builder, Pingu, Thomas, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter...this list can never end. Even when I used to watch the TV only for barely 2-3hrs a day. Still there are countless funny incidents and characters that will always be a huge part of my life. I still can't stop myself from singing all of these shows Title songs if I found them playing somewhere. P.S. I have learned and remembered them by heart. (That's why I can't learn my course book texts.)
  • Disney Shows

    You literally get the Best of Both World if You live in a Tipton Hotel Suite. That's So Raven, Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place, Jonas, Sonny with a Chance...their movies, music videos, accessories...what the hell did I didn't talked about. I secretly dreamed of meeting all of them, living with them and most of all being them. I wanted to be a psychic, pop-star, witch that lived in a top class hotel. Weren't you crazy about them? 
That's it for this time see you guys soon. Comment below your favourite part or favourite memory growing up! I'll be replying them this time. Until then.


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