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Welcome to yet another blog! This time I'll be talking about my recent obsessions. Don't worry there won't be Zayn Malik related stuff. But instead this time I'll be mentioning about my favourite artists, musicians. To view another of such stuff where I mentioned my favourite books at that moment don't forget to click right here.


Michael Schulte

He's a 25yr old German Singer-Songwriter. I got his track (Shown above) while scrolling through Tumblr. And usually I don't listen to the music that pops up on my Dashboard but it was a popular blog and I was searching for new music. Result not only he has got an extremely blessed voice. Even has such great lyrics and sound to uplift the track. He definitely needs more listeners.

His Links : Youtube Wikipedia Soundcloud

Gavin James

He's a 24yr old Irish Singer-Songwriter. Even in this case I was flipping over my TV channels but since nothing good was coming I started watching this English Music Channel. His interview was going on where they even decided to play his track. And you know there are some music that immediately catch your mind. His music can do exactly the same to you. It's not only Soothing but an Incredible treat.

His Links : Youtube Wikipedia Soundcloud


This guy replied to one of my tweet. Linking a music video that he made. Since these things don't happen to me very often I do ended up clicking this Link. (that's why you need to follow me on Twitter for free Promotion) It's least to say that he is far beyond talented. I'm not a big EDM fan, but his music do let me swing my heads to the beat. His powerful Sound definately will take you into absolute other dimension.

His Links : Youtube Soundcloud Twitter


Mary Doodles

It's weird to say that I discovered this inspirational artist very late. I've literally started watching her video and stuffs for a Months now! And it's the right time to say that I'm highly obsessed with her work. Whether it's her way to telling her passion for making or her amusing and eye-catching way of story telling. Everything is so Sketchy & beautiful that made me such a huge fan of her work. To anyone looking for ideas and tips in art you need to check her out.

Her Links : Website Youtube Twitter


I've been watching her videos as long as I can remember. Weird thing I've subscribed to her recently. She's an amazing cartoonist. Also it was her art that helped me make my friends cartoonized version. She's very artistic, incredibly beautiful & of course an Ace at her work. If you're into cute, little, fashion, barbie/chibi/celebrity/cartoon art She's great at it.

Her Links : Youtube Twitter 

Thanks for sparing your time in reading this post. Hope you guys will love these people as much as I do. Tell me who was your favourite in the comments below. Or suggest me some new people. P.S. I wasn't ever asked to promote these people they are just some people that I adored. You can check out my stuffs in the side bar or in my About Tab. Plus to hear more music Check out the Playlist tab which now has three playlists. That's it for this time see you soon!
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