Writing Journey

I wake up torn between desire to improve,
Erasing the thoughts that block me to move.
It's a human mind you can't change,
Your own imagination starts to sound strange.
Captivating you into that small box,
Disabling you to hear your own talks.
Until it becomes unable to breath,
There are million things you want to achieve.
You break the barriers roaring aloud,
Looking around you hear no crowd.
The ground underneath you suddenly vanishes,
You drown to a world where stories replenishes.
Greeting the feeling that elevates you,
Spilling the ink all the way through.
Dreaming intentionally soon becomes effortless,
All you care is a result that's breathless.
A story that makes you search the answers,
Driving you crazy for another chapter.
It becomes a duty to say all that isn't,
Truth that everybody need to listen.
I'm know for tearing my own heart,
Into a reflection called ART.
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