Dreaming Big!

Hurry up! Get your things going,
Without thinking that it feels annoying.
C'mon C'mon You're Young and Fine,
Follow the Rules so you can Shine.
Oh No! we don't care what you think,
You've got no power to break this Link.

What up! What the hell is on?
When did the excitement turned to yawn.
Is this all I am suppose to be?
Then why I've a urge to Break-Free.
Why the work feels like chains,
Blurring Visions and Blocking Veins.

Dude you're suppose to follow the trend,
We're not 'Millionaire' so let objections fend.
It is something absolutely irreplaceable,
Things like fate are not erasable.
Constant Struggle is your only guide,
Only then you can survive life's ride.

I know, I know but without inspiration,
How can you survive this frustration,
The urge to build extreme Miracles,
Make it easier to kick these Obstacles.
My Dreamy Mission seems the only Goal,
And my passion starts lifting my Soul.

I know that just Dreaming isn't enough,
My ambitions, aspirations look so tough.
But Imagination can give me the Power,
Determination will have me top the Tower.
I know it may sound completely Strange,
But someone has to Bring The Change.

Inspired by and Dedicated to Dr. Kalam (Missile Man of India) You'll always be an Inspiration to me!

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