June Jubilee #VI

Hie everyone! Welcome to  last post of the day of June Jubilee ( I hope not...! ) I'm celebrating my first anniversary of blog by posting some great entries written my my Awesome Friends. Hope you guys are loving it so far. P.S. If you're new scroll down to read other entries by Samraddhi & Monika (Posted Today) followed by Neha, Deepika & Laksha's posts. Happy reading!

Changes in Life, necessary?

Sometimes I feel like really balancing my thoughts in the middle by this question. When you are in a perfect state of life. You think "Ah! That's it. This is what I want. I wish it stays like this forever." Except in reality, this never happens. The perfect moments, the perfect days soon passes away. Leaving behind tons of memories to cherish, smile and cry at.

A child always wishes of becoming an adult. An adult always wants to relive his/her childhood. But these are some of those irreversible and necessary changes of nature, that can't be modified. Some changes welcome us while we are entering a new phase in our life, Slowly & Gradually. While some decides to rock our world like an earthquake forcing us to adapt to that change. What I really think is that these changes will always be a part of our lives, our thoughts, our physique, our perception almost everything.

Life has it's own theory of moving forward. We start school, we get educated and then graduate. Leaving behind all those friends, teachers and stories that'll always mean the world to us. But we continue walking, staying focused towards our goals. Simultaneously missing our old-friends, people that are no more a part of our life, neighbours, colleagues etc. With whom we shared our cries, laughter, food, money everything. Still, we leave them considering it an unwanted yet gradual change.

Same are the changes in our thoughts. Instead these are a bit more hard to explain. When we grow older, from a child to a teen. We start giving priority to our heart over our mind. Flow of emotions and our reaction towards it becomes our reflection of personality. Then time 'Changes'. We start making excuses for our immaturity & try to hide them by meeting new people, making new friends, starting new Phase. That's when we discover an all new version of ourselves hidden underneath of us all this time. So I guess not always these changes are bad, some of them make us realise who we are, teaching us something worth knowing. 

So, what do you think? Are you happy with your changes?

I guess you people are now well excited to witness every new change in your life. If you liked this entry make sure to share it on your social media platforms. Pratishtha will be amazed to look at your appreciation. That's all I got time for today...don't forget to check out Samraddhi's & Monika's post as well. They even did a great work in writing. Until then...



Deepika Vidhani said...

Amazing post....after reading ..I thought ...that was wat I really wanted to knw

Pratishtha Shitut said...

thank u deepika.. :)