June Jubilee #V

Heya Readers! Welcome to another post in the same day! Yes The Second post in the same day! And guess what yet another post is waiting for you. Didn't catch up the last post by my most inspiring poet friend Monika scroll down to read it. And if you're more new than anybody else...scroll down more to check out my June Jubilee posts by Neha, Deepika and Laksha! Happy Reading.

"Ahh! It's knocking AGAIN! There's no way you're going to sleep Tonight." Is this how your mind speaks every night. When you're hit back with a memory of that girl or guy? People often suffer from those dreams in which people they can't have accompany them? But are those people really that important? Well all I can say is Yes! We see them 'coz we can't stop thinking about them. They own an crucial part in our life. And before you know it BOOM! they become an unforgettable piece of memory.

But the time do change. We all get to a stage, where what we do is look forward to our upcoming life, our future. Attaining a Dream Job becomes our priority followed by having a Happy Family. Unfortunately, the only thing that never leaves us is the guilt to do much better. What IF? is the question that haunts us the entire time. What If I've not chosen that field of work? What If I've taken that job? What If I've said Yes to him/her? What if my life could have been extremely different?

I do get nightmares, but that's not the base reason that scares me and don't let me sleep! 

The real reason which constantly crumbles my head & knocks it down, disabling it to sleep... isn't about a guy! Neither about some ghost story nor other supernatural disturbance in my life! The thoughts which bug my head is all about my FUTURE! The life, The status, The Happiness, The Freedom, The Responsibility. Every single one of these abstract noun hits my head like a Hurricane. Since, to grab the profits out of the future I need to sacrifice my present. Let me frame it again, hard work will lead us to that point where success resides! This is the most basic fundamental we have learnt since our childhood but now it's the time to practice it. But do you ever find that gut feeling missing that gives birth to that wave of motivation called Hard-Work. Have you ever felt distracted by your own goals?

I do have strong determination that yes I can do it! I will achieve it! Through my consistency, dedication, practice and trust; in being what I want to! But then sometimes our body and soul can not find common grounds! That's the problem which is being faced by every other person. Especially me. Did you ever found the solution? Do you ever question yourself when you face a task? Do you accept rejection? Is it Ok to question you're own abilities when it's the time to show them? Or do we allow ourself being killed by the cruel Judgemental Society? Just Think & answer?

I hope you guys enjoyed this Self-Doubt Issues related entry by my brilliant cousin Samraddhi. Do you think you got an answer to her questions? Use the comments section to reply. I'm really excited to know your views. Wanna see more entries...Pratishtha's post is awaiting for you. #JuneJubilee.

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