June Jubilee #II

It's back again...Yup! I'm posting on the very next day 'coz I'm really very excited. It's the day 2 of my June Jubilee Celebration. It's my new venture for completing one year on public internet blogging & youtubing stuff. For those of you who haven't read the last post please scroll down to read "Reinvent Yourself". An article dedicated to self-discovery & the process to rebuild the better you version. It's written by incredibly talented Ms. Laksha. Her other stuffs links are also embedded on that very post as well. Hope you guys are liking my this new experiment.

"Thoughts makes up a personality & behaviour.

We live by thinking a decision to be taken."

Thoughts dwell in when we are introduced to possibilities. As nothing seems certain. Like an old person, who either have thoughts of enjoying the left life or being carefree, taking things lightly so the hard work pays off. Whereas a young person think of getting a worthy job with a handsome money. Respect and appreciation for whatever he/she is doing. All these thoughts are centred upon proper education to children & capability to have a pleasurable and stress free life with better halves. In case of a Teenager, they think that he/she should never be restricted. Their greatest belief lies in changing the world. Followed by leading the new world.

Thoughts makes up our personalities, nature & behaviour. We live by thinking for a decision to be taken. Every thought comes with a question whether it is right or not. If the things to be done is right, further thoughts arise on how to pursue it. Whereas if it's wrong, thoughts arise to complete the task all at once. Simultaneously, with the thought of may I do that? The overpowering thought in this case, defines your behaviour.

Idea is another form of these thoughts. We think about various scenarios while we are in a situation. How to get out of it? How to lead it? How to construct a lesson out of it? The one that pops up as a Lead is called an Idea. It merely depends on a persons' needs & want. Last but not least thoughts arise day by day through our abilities to view, realize and interpret things. That's why it's extremely necessary to know what you're reading, listening & watching. Moreover what you're learning from that? Make new thoughts in the direction of innovative and creative things. As of all Action words makes thoughts building our behaviour & personality. But overall our character. Remember it's all in what you think.

Hope your thoughts got completely re freshened by these words by Deepika. She's a very avid reader & commenter over my Blog. But most of all she's a really good friend. It was a pleasure to post something that spoke your mind out. Else then that be ready to get back next time for another amazing entry by my friends. Till then...

See Ya!

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