Stay You!

Let's talk about the Little Things. (I don't mean One Direction Song!) Form the past year I can shamelessly say that I've turned into a Tumblr addict. But I didn't find the website blog-ful enough don't know why. Maybe 'coz there's so much more you can do over there. Like the long reads, the fanfiction, the photoshopped images of you're OTP's, THE GIFS. Ignoring the fact that all I do is drool over few of my favourite celebrities gifs!

Too Mesmerized to write a Caption.
I literally wasn't able to write anything for 10mins after I decided to put this above gif up. Anyways, where was I yup! Little things. So, I meant to say that in our fast paced life there's barely any moment where we sit around doing nothing & still find ourselves happy. Instead we will prefer to use that time to do something productive and useful. Result, we feel extremely alone at night. Staring into the blankness of emptiness and Loneliness. Thanks to the great discoveries in the world of science that we are better connected to all those people and communities we don't even thought ever existed. But are we actually connected. Let's just take time to know ourselves rather then explaining ourselves.

What if the day you died,
And you reach to God as complied.
He commands you're soul to be forgiven,
After you tell him "How was Heaven?"
It's been asked a lot of times,
Reaching your goals should be your prime.
Little do they have ever known,
Everybody has it's exclusive zone.
Where thinking about yourself isn't selfish,
Drowning into the sweet moments you cherish.
Why we don't bare those emotions alive,
Feel the moment rather then survive.
Touch, See and Express,
Run until you can't see the stress.
Draw a Song, Sing the Art,
Discover a New that's beyond Smart.
The spirit called Youth should echo all around,
Flying carelessly & breaking all Grounds!

That's it for this time hope you enjoyed it. I'll be back tomorrow for something you. Happy Reading! P.S. The comment box is made for usage try to suggest me stuffs through it. And share Post enjoy. Entries are still open for Postage over my blog the details are given in last ones.

See Ya Next Time!