My Gift For You Ritu!

I don't remember that day so far,
We used to talk in complete bizarre.
After that we changed as you can see,
'coz I only write to those special to me.
There are lots of things you dismiss,
So I'm here to tell you this.
Everyone somehow burn each other up,
In the name of the feeling of LOVE.
There are fear & insecurities everywhere,
But it can never make their talent disappear.
Extraordinary people are the only ones,
Loaded with problems still full of fun's.
It's OK to care a lot & get distant,
But you need to let go the resistant.
You're the galaxy with mind full of clouds,
Waiting to rain storming over the crowd.
Now is when to become all plucky,
These messes of lines will make you Lucky.
I'm proud to call you my forever since we are,
A Beautiful friend & bright like Blue Star.

*Since we Don't have a Picture together. Here's How I imagine you & me. Happy birthday Mac. Don't know who they are...Google it! Once Again Happy Birthday!*

Happy Birthday Ritu! (Left one is You & Right One is Me) P.S. They look Tom-Boyish Girls to me like us!

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