This is the most BUSY I've ever been. Fortunately in a good sense now. For the last two years when I literally just devoted my body mind & soul, to the Satan of Studies. And believe me recovering from that hell is still going on. I legitimately lost my ability to imagine and explore my thoughts. Only time I used to spill my mind out was while doing my school project. Thankfully, because of the great power of boredom and laziness. I decided to make this blog that actually made me bleed out all that screams and turmoil, I've been suffering from. I literally can't find exact words to proof all you friends how much you helped me by reading and viewing my utter nonsense. Thanks a ton readers & viewers. Believe me when I say it, " You're the reason I'm Alive."

Well, this time I'm again getting I don't know what you call it 'Creative Crisis', 'Panic/Anxiety Attack' or I simply call it "Mess Time". A point of time when I don't feel like doing anything. I can't feel my senses, I don't dream, I don't think. In all nothing to me in the whole damn world matter. People find it scary. As far as I'm concerned, it helps me concentrate. I can actually feel the fact that no matter how hard I try there won't be everything I can achieve. Because in the end you do die alone. So why to waste you're energy impressing? Instead use it to please yourself.

Goddamn what has happened to me,I'm no more the person I used to be.But all these facts stops just at one saying,Have you just changed? or Are you Changing?I really don't know that's all I can say,Since I was making a path on my hopes ray.
Until some mountains got onto my way,
And the stressful clouds covered my day.
Darkness & Emptiness was all I can see,
Restless & Helpless was all I used to be.
There wasn't an aim, a goal, a mission,
Just a crawl on a path with no ambition.
Then, I don't know what exactly happened,
My hands wished to work in their old fashion.
To paint, to write or just to bleed your soul,
Do anything rather then just drown in the hole.
This is how my dreams started speaking colors,
Creating things that I once wondered.
All I meant was that I've been there,
A place full of self-doubt & tragic despair.
Happiness is nothing but a choice made,
And you're struggle to choose it is the only aid.
Remember it's 'you' who decides what's right or wrong,
'coz in the end you'll be the writer of your Life's Song.

That's it for this time. Hope you people enjoyed another self-motivatory poem. (I literally don't know what I'm saying!) If you liked it don't forget to share it with everybody your friends, internet friends, family, bae's, exes, future's. (Still don't know what's wrong with me?) By the way, don't forget to check out my latest video "Gifs Life". Like, Subscribe, Comment. ( www.youtube.com/user/AsthaSaxena2396 ) Check out the tabs I've created. There's an About Me, Articles and Poems seperated tab & other such stuffsThere's a playlist tab as well in case you're interested in listening to few of my favorite music. And WOOP! Until next time....


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