It's hard for me to remember my childhood without thinking about those fascinating comics and children magazines. Since my baba, chacha and papa used to work out of town, it became a part of their habit to bring these things for me. And my habit was to torture a family member till the point they agree to read to me. Being an introvert doesn't seemed so bad. I literally had so many characters to accompany me all the time. Till now, somehow when accidentally I pick up some of that comic I know what's gonna happen next.

I literally felt like whenever I'll be in trouble Shaktimaan's gonna come for my rescue. Or else Chacha Choudhary's "faster than any rocket" brain will solve the mystery. I couldn't stop planning my trip with Louie, Dewey, Huey in their Junior Woodchucks Scout Camp. I used to feel Archie's pressure whenever Betty and Veronica were around. (Even though I'm more like Jughead Jones.) Gosh! I can literally go on and on over it. But let's save that for another time.

My favorite Comics!

I actually thought of writing this post after reading a whole magazine dedicated to the changing world of books. Frankly speaking I never thought "Book World" has changed. You can still find them everywhere. But the coming of techno world has definitely made it's impact over this area as well. I personally am a fan of both types. If I am unable to find a book in paperback or hardcover I do sometimes go for an e-book version then. (Though I do prefer reading free e-books, I'm not rich OK!) But these two forms of book reading often make me compare, let's see how!


My favorite e-books.

  1. Convenience

    You don't really have to pay extra charges and can save your energy of carrying another bag full of your novels and other book while on Holiday. All you need is one device & account, where you can carry 1000's of books at the same time with you more handy than ever.
  2. More Availability

    So, this happens with me all the time. I always forget to pre-order. And by the time I'm able to find out about a good book, it's out of stocks & might be in stocks when I've lost all interest. But it doesn't happens in case of ebooks. There's no "stock" value that restricts them.
  3. No Torn Papers

    Forgot to kept it at a place where there was a spill, something sharp or burning (Ok! not burning.) Well, your text is still safe. With a Proofing of almost everything that can destroy paper.
  4. Never Stolen/Lost

    It's not something that can be stolen even when your reading device even does. Just log back to your account & BOOM! you're books are in there as it is. You don't even have to call your friend again & again who took your novel 3 years ago asking them to return it.
  5. Money Efficient

    The ebook version is always way cheaper than the printed version. And for the book readers who spends more money on buying books than on their food, it's always good to find something cheaper.

"The Books" (Paperback)

My favorite Books (Paperback)
  1. Smelling New Books

    Forget the smell of perfume, hot food or even damp soil. For Book lovers there's no aroma better than that of a new book. The cover & the inside brand new pages...ahh! too much to take in.
  2. Having a Signed Copy

    The amount of proud, you feel while tracing your fingers over the signature. Yes, it can only happen with paperbacks. (like a moment of connection b/w the author & you)
  3. Beauty of Library/Antique Books

    They are the most beautiful room decor anybody can think of. A good amount of books piled in your shelves, makes any room stand out.
  4. No Battery Life.

    Books don't really have a battery life. You can anytime just flip the pages and continue reading you're favorite part. The book instead have the power to recharge your mind's battery.
  5. Smart Look

    If you're carry you're book in your phone, people might mistaken you to be seeing a video or picture. But while you carry a book people find you smart. Like you're really into reading.
So there you go guys. this was me comparing the various forms of books. Lemme know in the comment section below what format of book you prefer when reading? And yeah! next post might come a little late, 'coz my dad is taking away the laptop. But I hope you'll be updated with other stuffs by following me on other social media. ILY, & I'll see you next time...

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