Everything's Alright At Home

So the very first month, of a brand new year is about to end. Can't believe time flews actually so fast. You know I'm not a resolution maker, 'coz in my world they barely last for a weekend. But I had made a promise to post more stuffs ASAP! This Time, it's something I learned. Yesterday while cleaning up my house I came across my late grandfather(maternal) book "सत्य है यह". It was a anthology of his finest creations. Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to spend a lot of time with him. All I remember is the fun time I used to have at his house, while my dad was posted in his city. 'coz that was the only house of relatives where me and my sister can find toys to play. One of the first and my favorite work from his book is :

"मैं जो हो सकता था 
या कि 
जैसा मुझे होना चाहिये था 
इससे मुझे मत तोलो।  
मैं जो हूँ, जैसा हूँ 
इसकी बात बोलो। "
-महेन्द्र श्रीवास्तव 

Before picking up his book I was watching Glee's "The Quaterback" episode. Near the end, Puck points out at the line between Finn Hudson(Cory Monteith) carved stone under the tree he planted and said,
"You know what's trippin' me out, is this line between these two years. It's his whole life. Everything that happened is in that line."
That made me thinking, what am I doing? No matter what I'm gonna feel, see, create will turn into just a line. But does this thought stop me from making something that can last forever? Probably not, guess what...it made me write this small thing.

I'm so tired of living every single day,
Trying to put things back together in every possible way.
Ever felt like burdened with 1000's of tome,
Just to make everything alright at Home.
Is it a myth or a never ending tale?
Are we suppose to fly or just survive this Jail?
We are the Loneliest yet Most connected Generation,
The most updated yet The Most lost Creation.
So sit back and think for a While,
Till which point have you reached in a Mile.
Maintain a Bond that can last forever,
B'coz one day you might think about it however.

Hope you find this post intruding as well. I know it's short but I guess it was sweet. I love hanging out with you, hope you had the same feelings for me. I pray you have a wonderful year ahead...have fun,enjoy your time. Don't forget to watch my latest "2014 Memories" video and subscribe follow do your stuffs. Until next post!

BYE! (from the Bradford Bad Boi) ;)
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