Good Old Times!

It turned out that my "School-Memories" related stuffs touched most of the souls. So since the year is about to end, so does most of my thoughts soon...I thought about singing "Animals" by Maroon 5. Just teasing I'm not a music blogger, instead I'm actually a broken soul defense against the dark art teacher. Still kidding, frankly speaking I'm all pissed with the fact that nobody(not even my close buddies) dares to comment over my posts, and don't even care to read these beginning phrases...so I thought I can just post whatever I want to. But seriously guys it doesn't take forever to read the introduction and comment. I know it requires "logging in" but I bet most of you guys must have been using a Gmail acc. (All I mean is stop making excuses. I'm way better then you in that. Seriously, you're internet connection and system will 100% be faster then mine. Thanks for the reminder now I can drown in my guilt of being unlucky.)

Well, forgetting about the serious stuffs, I'll be mentioning about the crazy happy stuffs this time. Yeah! I know "I Post Dark and Depressing Stuffs". (B'coz you know I think I write them.) But you know...I mostly get bored of myself and thought It might be a good change to turn that negativity x2 which you know will turn positive. (Maybe, I've watching so many youtubers lately.) So, instead of boring you people here's another School-Edition-Post.

Most Unforgettable School Memories!

10.)Snide Comments/Impersonations/Jokes

Me as "Sajjan Singh", Prati's "Gutti" impersonation, Abhilasha and Me acting as drunk people, Monika's sarcasm...our top secret codenames for each other, Laughing like a maniac on hearing somebody's sneeze, Coaching/outings's stories discussions during lunchtime. We should have asked for a copyright for these mischief's.

9.) The Opinion Game!

Started haphazardly during a bored tour night...we made a game that bought out everybody's true faces before each other. From the deadly confessions to the most awkward situation handling to the most horrible crushes GOSH! we just poured out everything. Being entitled from Ms. Popular to Ms. "Uncontrollable" man we had most wrecking titles for each and everyone.

8.) Lunch Sharing Saturdays

People not from my school will definately find this thing pretty weird (b'coz it was.) Since we had a rule for bringing "proper lunch" {chapaati, sabzi and SALAD} everyday except for 'SATURDAY'. So on this particular day, if you aren't Lucky (unlike me) you're destined to get home starved...'coz it was your fault to bring something extra-yummylicious-tasty so that everyone in the class ends up eating your tiffin...:P (I still can't prepare Mansi's Maggie, Himakshi's Manchurian-tasting-chappati-like-paratha's [IDK the exact dish name] and Karishma's Pasta) I'm actually drooling.

7.) Uniform Crises

A normal person might think of finding every single girl make-up or other beautifying accessory with an "ALL-Girls" School student. But what they might not know is how crucial were Ribbons, Comb, Nail-cutter and Fancy-watch-hiding-trust-worthy-person's-pocket (BIG WORD). A lot of people might be thanking Rupal right now who used to have a metre-long ribbons at the beginning of the month which turns out to be only few cm's long by the end of the month. ('coz sharing was caring! though I gave scissors everytime to cut them.)

6.) Children's Day

May it be the 1st or last...they were always memorable. How teacher's used to dress up in our uniforms and conducted the assembly or else presented a cultural performance treat for all their students. Besides these unusual suprises...I loved the fact that we were free to wear anything that day. How those 40-min lectures used to turn into 40-min of fun, filled with lots of crazy dancing, funny acting and the classic Antakshaari playing.

5.) Farewell Preparations

If there was ever a roller-coaster of emotions experience during my school life it was always the FAREWELL. Both the times, giving or receiving man I was "Blown". When we were giving it, we felt like a pendulum between the seniors expectations and the managements/teachers un-explainable restrictions though we did a pretty good job then our thoughts. While on recieving...GOD! for the first time in Forever I realized My batch is actually full of the Diva's {I was actually mesmerized by my beautiful batch mates rather than the decors...:P} But due to some delay prob's {Remember Ritu whom I'm referring to?} and other expectation vs. reality scenario's even our last few "Unforgettable" school days even don't turned out to be that much great! Ignoring that fact that we had a crazy picture taking session on our farewell rather then emotional breakdowns...:P

4.) Inter School/House Competitions

Let it be Singing, dancing, drawing/painting or just Messing around...we knew how to slay the charts. Whenever we went against any school, we made them know who's the boss! (by embarrassing ourselves...KIDDING! sometimes we do won...fortunately) But anyways the bigger bonus was to get a off-school trippin' and viewing the awesome Lake! And when it came to our House's pride...we knew our enemies. YUP! no matter how great our friendship is...you're my competitor and I can't tell you what song our house has chosen. Still can't stop myself falling into that high-spirited competitions time...:)

3.) Picnic's

AHH! the most funtertaining annual time of the year (excluding Science Centre and Salkankur trip...that really sucked...FYI they're not a place to visit for picnic.) We plan the whole damn week, list-out every single thing that we're gonna enjoy there, start convincing our mom night's before to prepare a delicious meal for ourselves and friends to share and then just keep dreaming and dreaming and dreaming. Well of course not all the times we had that amount of fun that we thought of but yeah! every-time we used to come back home with a bag full of memories. That dreadful singing songs in bus, the swings to enjoy rides, and the FOOD Gosh! the tiffins full of delicious wonder's to share! {I should stop talking about food now! though Ritu you can send me you're mom's Noodles anytime and Roopal I'm dieying to eat you're home-made jeera-cocci...yummmm!}

2.) Annual Functions

Another cool times of the session used to be our Annual Days (Nov last week...I guess. Which didn't happened in my last year of school and that's why i hate that year.) where we do got promoted from having it in an open ground with just the stage to our proper School-AUDITORIUM! The whole month the participants and the non-participants as well can easily hop around from one program to another...since the teacher used to be very busy keeping track of the participants...:P Anyways, this was the only time of the year our school used to make preparations that were actually Huge. Hence, we were asked to perform or enact or sing like never before which we did...but coating the students with huge bottles of makeup rather than good-luck seemed...you know...*_* (Starstuck)

1.) Tour!

All of my school memories couldn't be complete without these 12-wonder-days filled with ultimate friendship, love, sharing, caring and yeah FUN! Roaming around each other's room, problem in sharing same bathroom among your four buddies, helping each other during health crises, the DJ Night, unbearable temperature during train rides...the list is actually endless. These days literally made everyone understand whose gonna stick around you're side till the very end. (Thing's I'm ashamed to mention but doing it anyway...Monika's Hukku Biddi Craze, Neha's crazy tradition to wake up at 3 in the morning for the call but refusing to get up when there's time to get ready, Jaya's dilemma for choosing what to wear everyday? room's entry sight horrer etc. etc. ..:P) 

Hope it bought a broad smile on your face. Or at least made your heart filled with sweet memories. But that's it from my side this time, and what else "Happy Holidays!" Subscribe me on youtube, and follow me on other social media. (Really please do that!) Until next time buds...!


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