Is This It?

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Hey Viewers! Yeah it's been a while since I posted something. You might be thinking, the posts may not be coming back. But unlike the "thinkings", here I'm once again. The thing is I was never off from writing. The only thing I was off from was myself. The past few months I have been riding this roller coaster of incidences. Being a writer it definitely affected me & my work & as usual that's when life came to hit me hard. That's the biggest reason why I'm so afraid to be happy, because I expect so much from my own people & all they do is hit me with flood of sadness & self-doubt. As far as my poems are concerned...Yeah! they've always represented what I've been felt & always will. Because no matter what other say, I'm lovin' to be LOST!

Standing right in front of an open door,
But there I see a place without the floor.
Why am I here? is all that I think,
Dirtying my hand with the confusion ink.
Everybody can hear but nobody can Listen,
Words gets shut even before I can begin.
Still I struggle & try to stand Strong,
Until some pusher's hit you Hard & prove it Wrong.
It's bad that you didn't got what you can have,
So just to prevent me, you got me enslave? 
Is this it? Where you always placed me?
Or I'm still being blind-folded by responsibilities.
The dust of Unhappiness chokes me already,
Making me all discomfited & edgy.
Lost is the Word that echo's the air,
'Coz if I'm not stable how is it ALL Fair?
Maybe this isn't a place I belong,
Turn around, take some steps back & move on.
Roll back to those endless carefree days,
Set away from comfort & enjoy mistakes in my own way.
Go to a place I always placed myself,
Just make all those useless advice's collapse.
Try and create my OWN World,
Scream my lungs out & make myself heard.
Yes, I do dared to dream different,
B'coz I always consider myself a "Referent".

So that's it for this time. Hope you guys liked this poem as well. All I wanna say is I can be made & fade only through your support. Just as you love my Blog try to see my vlogs as well. My recent submission Video is presented down below. Try to hit thumbs up & don't forget to subscribe if you want more. You can also follow me on Twitter & Instagram(links in the sidebar!) FYI I am now on Tumblr as well so please checkout asthabenevolent.tumblr.com And WooP! see you soon! Until Next TIME!


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