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Guess who's BacK! Well exactly I was never Gone, just too bored of myself. So once again I'm here to torture you all! Actually it's been a pretty hectic month for me I got my college admission done, I got through every possible suggestion my family had for my career option and I got on Tumblr (which have been hazardious since I lost so many followers on Twitter after that {Don't Forget to Follow me there...Links in the Sidebar!}). My L'll sister have been highly obsessed with vlogs from some of the time so we shooted a video together. (Which was a pretty awesome experience!) I even got on Vine to post my stupid little videos until the app made me realize that video making wasn't compatible on my phone. I posted hate on every single post of my friend that I didn't liked comments just to annoy my friends & get their attention. But anyway above all the best thing was that I hitted 500+ views on my blog from 8 different countries!! Yeah, I got views from US, Russia, Indonesia, Qatar (even after the fact that 2 of my poems were in Hindi?!?) etc. Don't believe me see it yourself...

I genuinely wanna thank everyone who spared their auspicious time in reading my poems & other stuffs, it really means a lot to me. A BIG THANK to my every friend I had who cared to share my work on their accounts really guys thanks a ton, I hope with you people by my side I can do anything. So without wasting any further time here's my new creation :

Pressure up barely down,
Things scaring like big hounds.
Can't see any open doors,
Problems dust just ruins the floor.
Ruthless World with worthless sound,
Why can't rewind & start all way round?
Out of words all the times,
But still lies that I'm FINE.
My mistake was only this,
I dared to dream something bliss.
Struggle, Love, Passion to Fly,
Opportunities that just came flashing by.
Gone were the days where I could see,
Unicorns & Castled where I wanted to be.
Hence, I was growing UP,
With challenges greeting "Wasszup!"
My Talent never remained the same,
'Coz now I was being told an all new AIM.
Where all the tings looked so un-pleased,
Breaking all Hopes & leaving them unleashed.
'Dream' became an abstract noun,
Future scares me like sad clowns.
Worst is all you think it can be,
Until life reminds it's just a beginning for me.
But be brave to say to speak it out,
Don't let your voice disappear from your mouth.
It's you yourself who has the capability,
To get rid of all your inabilities.
Understand you don't deserve to die in Vain,
But be a Legend & make a journey worth the Pain.
C'mon stand up for what You wanna Say,
Create Something you wanted all this way.

Enough for this time...don't forget to checkout my tumblr & my videos' (So Subscribe me on Youtube...Something Big gonna come there!) So, as usual see you next time...till den...

BYEEE!! ;)

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