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Farewell 2013

It's barely been 3-4 months since I fell into the category of "SCHOOL PASS OUTS". Things are not very different yet not the same anymore. Just like I'm still struggling to accept the fact that I couldn't score good? But let's not talk about all that 'BAD' stuffs. Well, practically the last few months of my school were absolutely intolerable and so is now the boring time. I was literally full of ideas about thousands of stuffs that I wanted to do after my School gets finished. Unfortunately now all I do is scrolling through my social network, liking all those cool stuffs my mates are doing while I'm here laid in my bed at a pretty hurting position. (B'coz I'm too lazy to even lay properly.)

So my family suggested to probably paint or draw something because that's what I want to do whenever I should have studied. My Aunt even provided me with the stuffs and a beautiful picture that she asked me to make. But unfortunately it was a picture of a LADY....and I just don't know why I can't draw women?!? Hence, it made me even more frustrated and I started to cry (also because I have been seeing a lot of Zayn Malik marriage news.) which alerted my senses and I realized people liked my Video that I made back in March when I was enjoying my release from School. On seeing it I was once again in tears. Most because me and my friend can't speak our heart out on our farewell even after being finalized.

I miss that fun to infinity now and also because I had already read every single novel I had. That waking up in the morning, terror of missing the bus, those casual excuse and acting I used to do. Well, in all I hate every single stuff I used to do back in my School Days! So just to experiment my skills here's a poem I wrote way back last year when one of these anxiety attacks hit me and I realized I will be a grown up soon. So this is my poem I wrote for my farewell but couldn't speak due to "Circumstances". Hope you Enjoy reading it! I guess my mates can connect the most! Sorry if you get bored in reading the above stuffs!

"Those Times" 

Ringing of Alarm will always be hell I know,
But the Reason for it won't be the same anymore.
Braiding of Hair will be a common practice of life,
But knotting them with ribbon will make us feel so naive.
The List seems endless whenever I try to remember,
Every single moment we spend together.
The Bus Rides, Corridors, Classrooms & Assembly,
Served with cracking jokes so humbly.
That coming to school without finishing work,
And asking someone to help you with your jerk.
The Hormonal Locha takes an all new turn,
When we realize How Much We'll be Missing all Such FUN.
Things will never be the same that's all we say.
'Coz one of that best childhood strand will soon be taken away.
Before us the world lies opening it's hands,
And now, I wish to just stick with this Land.
To relive all those moments again,
Move out of this Temple without things left in VAIN.
What I'm gonna miss, Is so hard to explain,
Just hoping to remember these Wonder Years without any shame.
The Opinions that left everybody Speechless,
Fights that made us so Restless.
Now who'll come to console me when I'm Crying,
Who'll make me Laugh-Out-Loud when I'm lying.
So many things are left UNSAID,
So many Dreams just broken like that.
No more excitement on hearing the Bell,
No more planning about dresses on Farewell.
I won't be able to Laugh on someone SNEEZE!
Before whom I'll act like Sharabees...
No more walking in a line from now,
No one left to view my paintings and whisper WOW!
With whom I'll be sharing Lunch from Now?
Whom I'll be filling with HOPE somehow?
Always waited for this moment from so much Time,
Now memories has taken me away to the summer of '99.
Into a bright world of Nostalgia,
Filled with all those times of School Phobias.
No one left to enjoy the heat of Participation,
No one left to be treated for winning even a consolation.
No one to tag my jokes as PJ's,
No one to discuss who's kiske-peeche?
TOUR that bought up everybody's Real Faces,
The Exams that disintegrated all our Cases.
The Pangaas that lead to no conclusion,
Punishments which were soon Planned Illusions.
The Journey from Tunic-Coat-to-Kurta's,
From Hairbands-Ponies to Bird Ghosla's.
From sitting on the floor to copy things down,
To discussing incidents that made you frown.
Laughing like Stupid when you see Somebody,
Whom I'll be calling as my Chuddy Buddy.
But yet again the time is Ringing like an alarm,
Making my eyes Watered and Warm.
But all I want is to see you smile,
To end this phase without any cries.
Forgive me if I took a LOT of your Time,
'Coz All I wanted to share was a Piece of Mine...

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Until Next Time..;)

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