About ME

I thought it's time to update my this page. The first page sounded way too dull. So Hie! I'm Astha Benevolent. I'm 20yr old Indian girl from Bhopal (The City of Lakes) in India. I started this blog journey in the year 2014 to share my poems with my now ex-schoolmates. But after sometimes I realised to use this blogging platform for expressing my concerns as well. As this page is about me I must tell that I identify as a Feminist and an LGBTQ+ ally. Yes, I support pro choices in a country where Section 377 of the constitution makes it illegal & criminal offence to have a same-sex relations. And Yes, I am a Feminist. That doesn't make me 'men-hating' or a 'lesbian'. I've mentioned it because every time I introduce myself as Feminist. Unfortunately that's what most people begin to consider me.

Besides that...I'm an Artist. I officially sell my artworks on Paintcollar/TheSouledStore/Printoctopus. And yes, I do request painting. Just not portraits but suggestion. As I post my Youtube speed paintings video. I always ask for your suggestion of what you want me to make next. To send in your request a comment there will do it's job. I'm also a BIG Foodie. More appropriately a binge eater. Reason behind my slight over-weight that's one of my biggest insecurity. I love to experiment with new cuisines & fortunately can cook enough to give them my platter like taste. Other then that I'm a amateur photographer. I usually take it with my cell-phone camera & post it to the world.

What else, let's see? I'm self diagnosed Bipolar I patient. I also feel that I might be Schizophrenic & ADHD patient as well. So if you find me randomly posting anything & everything on a single post. Please understand. It's normal for a person like me. I'm self diagnosed because my 'in-touch' psychiatrist told me it's just my "young age crises". Guess what the Internet had qualified me better than her research. I also say 'So' & 'Yeah' Most often. And I mostly makes bad grammatical mistakes.

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