Room still a messy kingdom,
Hours into reading words of wisdom.
As the age counter hit no. 20,
Simple is preferred instead of Funky.
Reaching Adulthood haven't been bliss,
Questioning pronouns they/her/his.
They build this illusion,
And hand you conclusion.
Deciding what is right,
Labelling your might.

Crumbled that's what been felt,
As you hand in the letter of emotions wrecked,
Reckless was the title of that period,
Outcasts resemblance ran the chariot.
Choice to ignore gets chosen,
Other side of the story turn heartless frozen.
Love may thaw,
It's taken by law.
Years have flown,
With every new dawn.

Once digits will pause,
Weeps over lose.
No one will matter nor does,
Disgrace, Shame, Dignity, Curse.
Channelling your calling is the destiny,
Believing in self is the ecstasy.
So step out the cage,
Make a new maze.
Form your own way,
Begin living these days.
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