Winter Books Recommendation!

Happy Holidays Everyone! WOW! I've been gone for longer than I thought. And I genuinely have no excuse for my absence from here. I've extremely grossed myself into watching TV shows and Movies that I have always wanted to. But ended up with just a pile of books and my crappy doodles. So, back in November I told you guys 'December' be a post-filled month. And to those of you wondering it will be. Starting from today, to the New-Year's day I'm determined to post something or another on either my Blog or Youtube Channel continously. Since my last post, I just slept and read. Around July-August I bought or like added various books to my library (Online/Real whatever!) Which was when I realized that it's been a while since I recommended books. I really missed it. Hence, I decided to lead you through once again with my favourite past-time....READING. By the way I've even written a similar Book Based post, you can read it right here. So, here it is my favourite reads at the moment.

The Mortal Instruments

I'm currently reading City of Fallen Angels, but I'm more than halfway through it. And I genuinely can't wait to finish this whole series. I actually found it while stalking Dominic Sherwood online & I got to know he's in the final cast of "ShadowHunters" a show that's premièring soon on abc. The other is History. I got the first three books from store by almost killing the shopkeeper (Don't ask why!) and then frankly stealing other three literally *beep* my life! But I'm loving the series so far. It's been a long time since I read anything genuinely good in Fantasy. It really makes me so angry that I didn't know these books existed this long. BTW here's the plot. Clary with her best friend Simon witness a blue-haired boy getting murdered and dispersing into thin air right after that. The next day, she meets one of the Murderer guy Jace who tells her she's a demon-hunter or more specifically a 'ShadowHunter' which she dismisses until she comes home to find out her bizarre house condition and her mother missing. Since a demon has got her. I wish I can tell more. But you need to read it to find out.

Looking For Alaska

It was my first John Green novel, back in 2006. I was actually looking for some detective novel but I've finished pretty much every book that store had. So, then I found this one. Needless to say that any book with 'Award-winning Author' written on it's cover don't make it to my book-shelf is merely impossible. But I wasn't able to understand it in first go 'coz I was 10 and Alaska doesn't sound like a girl name to me. Fast-forward to 4yrs later, when I was genuinely broke AF & lonely AF since my friends used to ditch me for their stupid dates. I though of reading it again. And it's not wrong to say that this John Green book is better than The Fault in Our Stars. Warning! it's a 'YOUNG ADULT' story, so if you're not into some story that includes suicidal, smoking, hormones-ragging teens it's not for you. It's a story from Miles view who is very much attracted to Alaska. While Alaska is an emotionally-unstable girl that still blames herself for her mother's death when she was eight. It's an amazing story of inter-school rivalry and friendship which takes a complete turn when She Dies!

Ugly Love

Once again, didn't know this book existed. Until another guy that I stalk Nick Bateman posted a picture of himself holding it on instagram. And I judge a book by it's cover so I took it online. But when you have over 200+ books in your Kindle you outta forget which one you took to read instantly. (WARNING A LOT SMUT if you're not into such things don't Read it.) Besides the warning the book actually has the most amazing love story. Tate is completing her nursing education while sharing her brother's house until she finds herself a place. But on her arrival to the apartment she finds Miles Archer passed out on her door. Little do she knows he's not just a drunk stranger but her neighbour and co-pilot like her brother. And also that she'll fall in love with him even when they agreed not to, because of his past which he never want to discuss. If Hot Mystery Romance is your preference, you sure need to give it a go! Once again there's SMUT, skip that part if you wish to.

Thirteen Reason Why

There's NO BOOK that effected me as much as this one did. I actually won it in a Drawing competition which concerned about making book covers. And I didn't liked it at first since there's no love story that I was able to suspect even after quiet a few pages. But as the story grows and you witness the amount of heartbreaking stuffs Hannah went through before ending her life literally brings shiver down your spine. It starts with Clay, a shy high-school kid who finds a box full of seven cassettes at his doorsteps. Little did he know those cassettes contains Hannah last words where she explains how those twelve people are her 13 reasons why she's ending her life. This book genuinely has miraculous writing, it really-really helped me in some tough times. If you've ever been suicidal, depressed, bullied this is the BOOK for you. It changed me as a person and made me learn to even help other.

How to Fall In Love

Since my whole shelf is absolutely packed, I've turned into an avid e-book reader as well. So, in my little time on Wattpad recently. This was the first book I ever finished. And it had turned out to be one of my most faves. It's Humorous, Romantic, Relatable and everything that I can wish for me. It's a story about a homeless struggling author Mia and Finn the billionaire who apparently publicly announced her 'HIS GIRLFRIEND'. Did I mention there's a love triangle also and a great way to distinguish between true love and mere infatuation. All in All the book is Amazing, it need to be printed and adapted into a Movie that's all I'm gonna say!

Why only five books 'coz winter breaks are smaller than Summer breaks. That's it for this post. If you liked it make sure to share it. Don't forget to follow me on all my social media's for my everyday craziness. And lastly come back tomorrow for a new surprise! Until then checkout my latest youtube video...

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