Addressing LOVE?

So, it appears my family is very much concerned about my future. That's why every week whenever I'm using my phone infront of my mother she ends up saying, "Just say it openly that you don't wanna study anymore & earn your living. So we start to find you a guy as soon as you Graduate!" *Insert Angery Snores and Probably my Screaming Tears* Maybe she's over-concerned about my career or is it my Marriage. I'm still figuring that out. ( Yeah! I wrote about my mother. Sorry not sorry to anybody offended. ) Basically as always I was clueless about my new post topic. So I turned to my 3 Great advisors Nishtha, Ritu and Tumblr. Who surprisingly said only one thing. LOVE. Why? Why? Why everyone wants to tease me over my Hopelessly Single life. I know Zayn still don't know me even after now that he has turned single. But just have some patience okay! I'm tweeting him everyday. Just Have Faith. But let's give this topic a Try!

The first thing, that I mostly hear from my close friends is about my hopeless romantic imagination. Side Effect of excessive Summer-Romance Novel Addiction. Can't Help! As of right now Troye's FOOLS Lyrics : "I see Swimming Pools & Living Rooms & Airplanes, I see a little house on the hills & Children's names. I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray, But everything is shattering and it's my mistake." Explain my situation pretty well. The 'I-Want-Everything' Attitude of mine is starting to kick my *** now. But who cares about that I'm gonna Get my Alex Kylar soon. To most people LOVE is the strongest emotion. Well, to me it's most confusing. It's kinda impossible to believe that you learn to care about a person more than any one else including yourself? How? It's we who prioritize our stuffs right? Anyways, still struggling to write about this topic. I turned around for some help. And I found it in "HOW TO FALL IN LOVE" by roastedpiglets. In the novel, the protagonist Mia writes,
(She starts writing Sharing FrenchFries. Nah! Not happening in my Case.) Humans are conceived into the universe for a very limited time & during the course of their lives we meet thousands of people but connect with only a few. These few people once they leave through choice/circumstances/DEATH will shatter the hearts of the ones left behind. So, before that happens, make sure you have no regrets. Attempt to treat them the way your heart truly desires, the way you know is right. Remember to Laugh with them, tell them what you truly think and love them with all you have - no walls held, not afraid of misunderstandings & caring unconditionally. Because loving like that so sincerely, selflessly & sacrificially - is how you fall in LOVE.
Sums it all I guess? Hmm...probably not my commentary is still needed anyway. All I meant to say is Number One, yes! I'm probably not the best person who is here lecturing you in thousands words on how you should feel about an abstract feeling. Number Two, just b'coz of my lack of experience doesn't mean I'm incapable to express and understand your situation. We often hear that when into a feeling of Love we begin to get addicted to it. Which is definitely better than Drug Addiction or any other bad things of it's kind. So, if you're in Love. Congrats! Hope it's the beautiful form of Forever that you're experiencing. (Not in the creepy Twilight kinda way!) Single AF or too Awesome for anybody (Like Me) Enjoy the slideshow whenever you close your eyes. And make Zayn Malik know that I Love Him!

Just had a BreakUp/Feeling Hurt. Don't worry it's just a phase that'll pass through time. It might be feeling like the end of the world. Believe me it's not. You're braver than what anybody else. Remember Lady Gaga said," No matter Gay, Straight or Bi, Lesbian, Transgender Life. I'm on the right track baby. I was born to survive!" People not accepting you believe me One Day they WILL. And you should be there to witness that. Wait until the time I'll meet you. So, we can have a race to finish all supply of McDonalds FrenchFries! Believe me I can't wait for it.

There are millions of Souls out there,Each one Special in it's Own.Don't waste time to Count them all,For your heart is Only One.If there's someone out there,Who's perfect for you.Then be proud of your reflection,Stop trying to be Someone you Knew!

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