My Farewell Speech!

2014 year that I graduated School! Been a while...I know but somehow my room cleaning bought back those crazy memories. The last two years (of School) as I've always mentioned had been the most dreadful ones. I'm still recovering from the horror of that. But somehow as our Farewell neared, I was emotional to realize that it's Finally Happening! School will soon become a place I 'Used' to go. So, before that imagination has to became Reality I wanted to express my feelings in words. I was wrong in thinking so. Hence, even after finalising my emotion filled speech (which got converted into a Management Praising Crap for the Final Event!) it got cancelled! Due to my Furious Nature I ended up throwing it away...I still wanted it to be a Memory to remember. So, I'm posting it here! A token of my Feeling for those glorious years that 'BAD' people didn't gave a platform to. Hope you like it!

इस सफर की शुरआत हमनें साथ की थी,
जान से प्यारे यारों के साथ कितनी बात की थी। 
ज़िंदगी के उन पलों को भी साथ जिया था,
जिन पलों में खुशी और ग़म दोनों से मुलाकात की थी।

आखिर हमने जब जिया तब सोचा तब जाना
यारो बहुत मुश्किल है इन यादों को भुलाना। 
मेरा लंच अब कौन खाएगा 
मेरे नए नाम कौन बनाएगा 
Opinions किसके साथ खेल पायूंगी
किसके साथ Competitions जीत के आयुंगी 

कौन मेरे Jokes सुन कर बोलेगा "डस मत यार"
कौन रखेगा मेरा सबसे ज़्यादा ख्याल
रात को वो देर रात Annual Day पर परफॉर्म करना 
Inter - House Competiton में compete करना 
बड़े इवेन्ट्स में Comparing करने का जोश 
अपनी फील्ड पर लेक्चर देने में हम सब थे मदहोश 

न जाने खेलते -2 गिरने पर कब हस पाएंगे
Consolation जीतने पर भी Treat किसको खिलाएंगे 
1st April पर किसको बुद्धू बनाएंगे 
अपने Top - Secrets किसको बातएंगे 

I'll miss the Laughter on me learning Sindhi,
The scolding we got for conversing in Hindi.
The random giggles we shared every time,
Our harmless mischiefs that were tagged bigger Crimes.

On realizingonly few days are left to go,
Until we  begin all new episodes of our show!
W're excited and even are scared,
Laughing at the memories thinking Life's not Fair!

A Lot is left to say you know,
Some of the things are bound to let go.
Few moments only stays abide,
These memories will always be our Pride!

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