June Jubliee #III

Sorry for the last two days I've been busy in few of my stuffs. But Yeah! I'm back with June Jubilee third post. If you're new here please check out my last two posts to understand what's going on. There are beautiful entries by my friends Ms. Deepika & Ms. Laksha. I'm sure you're gonna love it so scroll down & read them as well. This time it's about that feeling that's so hard to explain in words but my best Buddie Neha still gave it a try. I hope you'll relate to it & will find it amazing. Happy Reading.

"A gentleman with a heart of kindness that seemed a synonym to perfection for me."

In our life we come across many people, as it's always interesting to know different lives around you. But, few year back, I met somebody that changed everything I could have ever imagined. That person was introduced as a stranger, turned into a friend to most special friend. Until, we realized we are more than Just A Friend for each other. This journey from being complete strangers to an unexplainable relation is so hard for me to comprehend. But I still wanna give it a try. Because whenever I will be asked to write something from the core of my heart. It'll always be about you.

So, I met you...How to describe it? Few letters, Few words, Few lines, Few pages won't be enough. The unbelievable combination of humbleness, elegance, cuteness and many more of such adjectives. But I think there's no specific adjective still made to suit him honestly. The sporty guy, who loved to be in his own world, smart enough to tackle all the situations. A gentleman with a heart of kindness that seemed a synonym to perfection for me.

The smile that can make you wanna stare at it all day long. Eyes so bright with happiness that can drive me nuts every time. Yes, I'm crazy, insane or stupid. But I accept the fact it's only because of that special one, who makes me feel like in another world by his words. It was like a Angle giving you his hand when you're in complete darkness. When you hold it you know you're rescued & now at a safe place. It's like an abstract adoration to somebody who's silence even makes you believe that they are gonna protect you & support you no matter what. And for the first time in your life you believe it more than your own existence.

He is & will always be the reason why I smile. So is the quote that some people are just a part of your life & still make it complete. I guess that's what happened to me. I met somebody who understood me, my unspoken words, my tears, my fears...knew my talk all non-sense mode, absurd mode, wired mode but still decided to listen to me. That’s what I miss the most. That part of my life where I can always look back, smiling & tearing simultaneously with memories. The time arrived when things didn't made sense & things fell apart. And no matter how much it hurt & you don't feel like letting go. You can't really hold on to something that don't want to be held any more.

We're still friends or maybe the most known strangers. Joy and sorrow are part of any relationship and that's what makes it memorable. At least this journey and the person made me mostly everything I needed to. I know I've been careless even while writing this but I promise I'll try hard to stay just like I used to & move on. In a hope that everything will soon seem all right like always!

Hope you guys liked reading this heart-warming post by my bestie. She's a pure hearted sweetheart to me & a sincere, annoying loving friend for 7 yrs. Yup you heard it right. You can read my poem for her birthday titled "It's Neha's Birthday". That's all I've got time for meet you people soon.


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