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I know I announced it's end few weeks back. (like stupid!) But my Cousin brother found my blog intresting enough to post his work and I couldn't say no. So, This one's to the Family again. I've already posted my poem before it so go check it out! And wait until the next post consisting of my real sibling Poem waiting for you. Happy Reading!

[Warning- This post may scare or disturb you. It is not meant for the faint heart. Those who still wish to continue get ready for an eerie adventure.
The world is a very bizarre place and nothing is off limits. There are some places on this Earth that just seem to be cursed. For whatever reason, these insidious locations are infused with an almost palpable evil that pervades these landscape and creeps into people's mind. Among these forsaken habitats of menace, we found things that hide amongst some of the world’s most gorgeous landscapes; places of coiled evil waiting to pounce whilst shrouded in natural beauty.

In this post we list 5 of the world's most haunted places.

The places which are listed below are thought to have super natural forces. People who visited these places, reported a sinister force driving them out.]

#5 Bhangarh Fort, Alawar

We start our list with the Bhangarh fort in Alawar district of Rajasthan. Legend says that there was a wizard who fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh. He attempted to lure the princess with dark magic but failed and was executed by the soldiers. While dying, he cursed the people and the fort saying "You will always stay here pinned to the earth never reaching the afterlife!" Soon after the death of the wizard the Bhangarh fort was attacked by Nizam's. Everyone was killed including the princess. Till today the princess roams around the fort. And her apparition is witnessed by many locals.
The fort now is managed by Archaeological Survey of India. Restricting anyone to enter the fort at night. People who spend the night at the fort have never returned the locals. Also there are reports about stinky smell and sudden bone-chilling winds. They also mention about a peculiar woman's laughter and bangles. Unusual cold spots and feeling of being watched.

#4 Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

It is one of the most haunted locations in Scotland. Edinburgh itself has been termed the most haunted city in all of Europe. The Castle's dungeons have frequent evidenced paranormal sightings and are haunted by ghosts of former prisoners.

It is said that a piper was sent to investigate the dungeons as he moved he blew his piper to signal the soldiers about his movement and to track his progress after a week the pipers sound stopped and a search team was sent to investigate the cause. They didn't found anything and it appeared that he simply vanished in thin air.

To this day people report of seeing apparitions of the piper and even hearing his blowing. Scientists are unable to find any evidence of the noise the cameras pick up strange orbs in the dungeons. Many people report seeing a young girl tied up asking for help but
when they move close she vanishes.

#3 Island of the Dolls, Xochimilco Mexico

Located on Lake Teshuilo in Xochimilco nr Mexico City, the island La Isla de la Munecas (The Island of the Dolls) is certainly one of the strangest haunted locations. Legend says that three young girls were playing near the water in the 1920’s, when one of the girls fell in and drowned in the murky waters. Locals believed that ever since her death, the young girls’ spirit haunts the island.

In the 1950’s, a man named Julian Santan Barrera moved to the island. Julian claimed that as soon as he moved on the island a little girl began speaking to him. Being unaware of the dark history of the area when he moved there to become a recluse. The girl told him how she had died, and that she was trapped on the island. He began to get the dolls for this little girl, often selling off fruit and vegetables that he had grown on the island.

Julian later told his nephew that it was becoming more difficult to appease the young girl’s thirst for these dolls, with him seemingly worried that she wanted him to join her in her watery grave. The same day he had this discussion, his nephew was returning to the island, when he found his uncle face down in the canal. His body was in the same spot where the little girl had apparently drowned seventy years before.

Today, tourists to the island often speak of the doll’s eyes following them. Others have also reported that the mutilated dolls whisper to them, especially at night. Julian’s ghost is also said to remain on
the island, as well as the young girls’.

#2 Tower of London


With a history of torture and execution going back over 900 years, the Tower of London is regarded by many as one of the most haunted places in the UK. It was originally built in 1078 by William the Conqueror, and has served a major role in the history of England.

The most famous event was that the spirits that live within its walls, is Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII. She was beheaded in 1536, and her headless body has been seen walking the Tower’s corridors and often near the spot of her demise. Perhaps the most spine chilling of all reports includes the mysterious appearance of two children. They have been witnessed throughout the rooms of the castle. They’re often seen in their nightgowns, holding hands and with a look of terror on their faces. It is believed these are two former Prince’s, who were sent to the Tower after they were deemed illegitimate by Parliament. They vanished and it was assumed that they were murdered by order of their uncle, the Duke of Gloucester. Apparently, two small skeletons were exhumed beneath a staircase in the White Tower.

#1 Waverley Hills Sanatorium

Waverley Hills was originally a two-story wooden building that was opened in 1910. The building you see today was constructed in 1926. It served as a tuberculosis hospital throughout the early to mid 20th Century, a time when the disease was at its worst. It is believed that as many as 63,000 patients died there. The death toll as well as the supposed mistreatment and questionable experimental procedures on patients.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium has built quite the reputation over the years as more and more people are allowed to investigate the premises. This has thrown up some incredible evidence over the years. It has featured on shows such as Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters (TAPS), and our very own Most Haunted. TAPS captured a figure on their thermal imaging camera that seemed to be walking across the hall. There are vast amounts of varying reports, including full bodied apparitions, fleeting shadows, screams from empty rooms, footsteps, sudden cold spots, and disembodied voices among many others.

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