June Jubilee #I

It's finally here. (Bit Late on the day since I' Lazy & Sleepy 24x7) My Blog's 1st Anniversary. Have I changed? Probably Not? Still the same person with identity crises and Laziness ruling her entire life. But I can't tell you how happy I am to finally stick to one thing and Be Productive at it. Thank You so much people for coming back each & every post (Sometimes I forced you to sorry) and spending you're time reading my utter nonsense feelings and thoughts. I couldn't believe it has been one year. Huh! I guess there'll be many more posts & I hope more people will join us, but you people will always be the most closest to my heart. Thanks a Ton for supporting me through this all.

So back in April, I asked few of my friends to give an opinion about my blog. Which I thought is a very dumb idea. Hence, I told them to send me their articles, poems, stories whatever that they feel is most close to their heart. Some completely rejected the offer, some accepted it at the beginning but walked away later. Fortunately, some were willing enough or got tortured enough to send in the entries to me. From Today I'll be posting the writings my friends did for my blog. These people are not only an avid reader but a really great critic. I appreciate you guys to help me in this venture. You all will always be an inspiration to me.

"Talent isn’t worth a thing without the 
willingness to take action. It’s great to have a 
dream, but it’s better to pursue it."

In this fast moving world, one needs to be clear in his/her thoughts of enjoying and living life the way they want to. People today are not satisfied by what they do the most of times. To chase your dreams earning a living is not a bad idea. As it’s said It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself. I guess it’s what is required to be done by most of the youngsters.

We all have goals that we say are important to us — getting in shape, building a business, writing a book, and so on — but for most of us, the inertia of life holds us back. You know what is the main problem that we never dare to do what we want to. There are plenty of talented people who never make a choice to do something different, to reinvent themselves, and to pursue their dreams. It’s hard to work up the guts to try something new. Nobody wants to feel stupid and start from the beginning all over again.

There’s nothing special that happens to the people who choose to reinvent themselves and chase their dreams. It’s not any easier for them than it is for you. It’s just that at some point, they choose to do the work. They choose to take action. And they choose themselves.

To reinvent yourself, you need to understand that reinvention is a never-ending process. You should recognize that there is always more to learn. This will keep you from being complacent and will continue to drive your hunger for your dreams to chase. Every day you spend in stagnation is one less day you’ll spend in success. Small deliberate steps add up. Take one. There are simply too many people looking at reinvention as a risk, when it is an opportunity with a poor name tag. Instead of asking yourself, what should I do? Consider asking yourself, what do I want to get out of what it is that I do?

At last, it is after all less about getting what you want and more about wanting what you get.

Thank you so much Laksha di for sending me this Amazing entry of yours. The moment I read it I knew how to kick off this June Jubilee thing. You're an incredible person & I know you'll definitely rock your place of work. Any ways, if you want to read the full article click right here. She runs an amazing facebook page called "Flaunt It". Make sure to like the page. And if you want to be even more mesmerized by her reading you can read more of her work by clicking right here. Hope you got incredibly inspired by reading this fantastic entry. Be ready to be back next time for another amazing entry by my friend. Until then...

See You Later!

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