Let's Drool!

Apparently I've been gone for bit more time then I expected so, I just didn't came up with any sort of Poem or some Nostalgia related Article or stuff this time. But I promise to put more stuffs regularly.(not always possible.) Hence from now on till 20 days I'll be posting some or the other thing almost like everyday. Maybe by the title you would have guessed that this post is all about Food. Even before I was born I guess I had taken asylum into this religion. No matter what the situation is If I'm hungry there's no stoppage to my eating abilities. That's the reason for my overweight issues..:( Why can't I loose weight when I can pretty much loose everything Rubber, Books, Hope!

So, I decided to make you drool with me. I mean it's summer there's no stoppage to your appetite. To the people on diet I'm sorry even I'm suppose to be on it. Hence, here it is my few of the favourite Mouthwatering favourite dishes that not bragging but not only tastes good but I can even make Good!

(Disclaimer : The images belongs to the rightful owners. In my case, I just can't wait to dig into my food as soon as they're made. And I'm not so good at food Photography just Eating Quality. Still if you feel offended...Meh! You're Problem.)

  • Vegetable Noodles

    Well, this was something that I just made to escape boredom. The very few initial try were definitely disastrous. I was actually out of maggie & I guess had a fight with Mom. As she was torturing me to do things on your own. (I'm lazy & I know it!) Hence, with Noodles, Spice & Everything nice after about 8-10 failed attempts I came up with my New & Tasty recipe that now is Loved by the whole family!
  • Bread Pizza

    Kudos to Deepika one of my lovely Buddies! To tell me we can actually make a pizza out of it. Otherwise I used to ask for my dad a Trizillion times to go & get me the Pizza Bread. Which didn't came as easily as it sounds. But Yeah! Few failed attempts...like Microwave Overuse, Brunt Breads, Usage of way more cheese than allowed I found the perfect brunch meal!
  • Chole Tikiya

    Something that I watched & learned. Even though the fact that I made burnt hash brown with potato's all stuck to the pan thing. And then wasn't allowed to made anything for few days. It was then through my favourite chef's (Mom's) help that I realized we use Boil potatoes instead of the dried one. You're suppose to add oil over the pan kind of tricks that let to the successful culmination of the dish. Though years later & excessive forcing to try it with the chickpeas made it taste even Better!
  • Fried Rice

    Thanks to the ultimately confusing Indo-Chinese recipes Tutorial on the internet that made me realize the difference between a "Chawal Fry" (Mom's Speciality they definitely taste great in their sense.) and "Fried Rice". I wanted it to taste so different that I many times ended up ruining it. Then came a time when I took serious notes for making this recipe through Youtube Videos that I finally made it Taste the way I wanted it. Thankfully, my only critic i.e. my l'll sister approved it to be Great to eat!
  • Aloo Paratha

    I can't really say if I have actually mastered in making them or not. B'coz my mom always makes it so better & I want them to taste like her but they never do. (She still don't share all of her secrets.) Even though the fact that she herself claims that I make very good ones of my own, but this is the only recipe I want to taste exactly like her. And it never did. There'll be a Day Mom! I've not given up YET!
  • Onion Pakoda

    Shout-out to my Mami {Aunt} whose Pakodas are Incomparable. Two Dishes that she masters in are the Good-Ole Pav-Bhaji & Pyaaz Pakode. There's no way you can deny them & even there's no way you can crack the hideous recipe of family spice. Even though I've been there helping her & observing every single step carefully. Mine don't taste the same. Ignoring the fact that she praised me a lot when she ate my version of them. But I still want to copy them.
  • Biscuit Cake

    Something I've been introduced the most new to. When we thought to get the expensive Convention Bowls since I asked for it to try lasagne. Which never happened...my Chachi {Aunt} came up with the most original & delicious recipe. The moment she told me she's gonna make a cake out of Digestive Biscuits I went away. How the hell something's gonna taste good with the word Diet in it. But man was I wrong! These are the most delicious heavenly goodness you're mouth will ever taste. And this is being said by a person with no Sweet Tooth so you better watch out when it comes to my version of recepie!
  • Strawberry/Chocolate Milk Shake

    Suprisingly, Nishtha (Philanthropic Nutzz on social media) my L'll lazy sister came up with this thing, because of her highly uncontrollable Sweet Tooth. But sister You can never compete with my shakes. A combination of My Chef's Mind and the Unbreakable Top N' Town shakes recipe!
Hope you guys enoyed it see you next time!

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