It's Neha's Birthday!

She might be expecting a message from me past midnight but sorry I sleep at that time unlike you buddy. So, it's your birthday...you posted a hell lot of things for me on my birthday. But this post isn't a favour returned it's a piece of wishes & advises I have for you. Where to begin? Gosh! it's so hard to remember. Back to the time when we both used to have boy-cut hairs. You used to hate me I don't cared about you...then one day you the Class Clown decided to sit next to the Overrated & Lonely "Class Prefect". Then grew a friendship that might have completed more than eight years now. They say if you stay friends with someone for more than 5-6 years they remain your friends forever. Well, I guess I'm proud to call you my forever Buddy {I mean BESTIE...I know you'll correct me over there!}
Like every other friendship we too have been through a lot. Bollywood Films Guessing.You trying to change my habit of eating fellow classmate lunch. Me preparing you to say 'NO' to people when you can't do it. "Adolescence Lessons". You teaching me physics. Me being the third-wheel etc. etc.  One thing is even when I changed with time, you refused to. That's what I secretly like the most about you. In all just wanna say you thanks for being there my friend, you know I'll always be there right by your side!

It's impossible for me to explain you in words,
Someone cute as a teddy & chearpy like a bird.
This one's for my most near & dear person,
People do calls you my contradicting version.
Yet we decided to build this bond,
Trust & friendship that can cross sea's beyond.
I still remember those times in class,
Giving each other the 'Look' when our items passed.
My all those lectures you never bothered to listened,
And those stupid reasons we fought & our eyes glistened.
Therefore I'm here to tell this for the first time,
You're the most incredible person I'm proud to call Mine.
Never doubt your uniqueness no matter what crap others say,
Everybody goes through some good & bad days.
Remember you're One in a Billion & people love you for that,
Just make sure to wear your self-love jacket & Flawless hat.
May you celebrate the best Birthday of all,
P.S. you're more rhythmic than this poem & way prettier than any doll.

P.P.S. I'm kinda ill & usually be very bad at making poems just at random so still I hope you liked it. Sorry I'm wishing you quiet late than all your other Friends but...Best Friend always comes late. (Because she's way lazy & sleepy!) Hope you enjoyed it...I'll meet you soon...:D


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