Finding Inspiration

I wander around in the search of answers,
As the question grows inside like cancer.
Walking aimlessly through day & Night,
Trying to find those words I can write.
So I thought of turning it all around,
Reach out to the feelings that made me drown.
Little did I know how stupid was I,
How can I feel so much by just sight in my eye?
All I remember there was a Little Girl,
Covered in paint still bright like a pearl.
I tapped on her shoulder & asked her name,
She told me You & I only have that thing same.
Blimey! A moment to my surprise,
It was my own little version I realized.
Have you become a cop or saved the world?
I smiled at her question but my thoughts whorled.
I nodded disagreeing and told her Heck No!
To which she asked what was my pro?
No answer to it made my throat choke,
Seeing me in pain made her sympathy evoke.
It's never too late or early to figure out,
Don't forget where you belong whenever in doubt.
Hugging her crying in complete grace,
Until she vanished in my arms leaving no trace.
Right after that I was introduced to someone new,
She avoided my presence but I thought that I knew.
My shy rebellious teen soul was right there,
Worrying over her body; doing baseless prayers.
Holy Moly! this can't be real,
With a life like this how could you deal.
Told that it's always been a poet curse,
Better the poem as her situation worse.
But that doesn't mean you have to state it true,
Question your existence & feel all blue.
With so many changes when I can deal,
You should have learned to never conceal.
She neared me & entered in me all at once,
Realizing me how to unload the weight in tons.
There always little version right of inside us,
Always ready to help & discuss.
Just don't give up on them so easily,
Remember the reason you started it willingly.
So that one day you again turn around and say to your Old ME!
Look you survived it And achieved extreme Glee.

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Deepika Vidhani said...

Wonderful ...was always in search of such an inspiration ...ty frn ..u gave me 1 ...:D