By my Fangirl Soul

It has been a crazy week. Or you can say month. Since, the very begining of it my internet connection has not been working, making me mad as hell. To top it all my pc crashed. Removing all my pdfs, songs and softwares. It's literally been a roller coaster ride, besides all this crappy stuffs I won three trophies. Believe me that was a great "self-booster" reward. But the biggest news that affected me the most was the one that came merely three days ago. Which was "Zayn Malik Left One Direction." Being a fangirl I've actually seen a lot of people rise and fall everytime. Let it be Nsync, Westlife, BSB...the most cherished JONAS BROTHERS. But One Direction was something whom I supported from as long as I can remember. Those five teen boys who just have big dreams in their eyes. Yeah! You might think I'm a maniac or else just another of those crazy girl with her Favourite Boy Band obssession. Believe me "Never Underestimate a Girl's love for her Fav. Band. She not only like their music. She lives for them." BTW here's my poem about my Obsession 'One Direction' (Forever a Directioner & Zaynester. You're Happiness means the most to us.)

Four yrs Eight months & Two days,
And then the paths got seperated.
I remember those stairs and the stage,
Five Brit lads with talents greater than their age.
Who can forget Vas Happenin' & Energy Juice,
Fandom going crazy over carrots & pat-the-dog Dance Moves.
What makes us Beautiful was been told,
Moments that Stole our Heart were the one's we'll hold.
When every pigeon became Kevin,
And dimples turned Heaven.
Some Little things which we finally understood,
That not all life-savers have wings or hoods.
Then One way or Another we made it happen,
They have the Best Songs Ever & we are their greatest weapon.
Brits, TCA, VMAs just name any,
Making albums platinum was like a job for penny.
Tours and Interviews were where we live,
Facts, Lyrics, News was always on our lips.
Nothing can come in between You & I,
Band fan but a special space for one of those guy.
We liked their insecurity of stealing their girls,
How the night changes if you turn out to be that one girl.
The jorney has been magical then why ruin the end,
Remember we had promise that we'll never leave our band.
Course it's something absolutely unexpected,
Nothing can replace a smile whenever we'll hear 'Jimmy Protested!"
Zayn Louis Harry Liam & Niall,
I'll always be a directioner & supporter by your side.

One Direction (2010-15) "Bubiee"
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