DGK Memorable Moments!

So, two things. Number one, this isn't another playlist creation post that I posted last so don't forget to check the playlist out. And number two, I'm feeling sick from yesterday! Hello readers, my name as Astha Saxena aka Astha Benevolent (My stage name..:P) and this is my blog, "MY THINGS!" Basically, I was scratching my head from past soo many days to make it reactive for writing another poem because that's what you people liked about my posts but unfortunately it can't. (I think I need some head massage.) As usual I can't really write anything without inactive imagination. So, I decided to do something realistic and try to make a vlog instead. Therefore, I went through a number of Youtubers Vlogs and pinned out every single thing I wanted in my vlog. Then late in the evening I scanned all my house for a proper place to shoot (And couldn't find one. So by night I was all set to shoot but none of those vlogs told me that shooting a video and getting shooted (not like by a bullet.) are two completely different things. Hence, this happened :

This doesn't mean I won't be doing a vlog in the near future, but this is also not the main content of the blog. It's actually about those endless moments and memories I cherished with my tour mates. If I'm not wrong it's the most brilliant memories of school time we people had and going down the memory lane with those time photographs is now one of my favorite pastime. So, being absolutely out of ideas of what am I supposed to do....I decided to mention some of those moments that my friends can relate the most once again. (I'm not really out of ideas, it's just all "Ek Villian" storyline prediction I'm doing all the time that is making me sick!) Anyway, here's a list of my favorite moments that I experienced on that 12-days trip. That really and truly be having so special place in my heart :

  1. "The Train Journey" : 
    I guess we spend more time in train rather then visiting places on our list...:P. But seriously, I couldn't start my list without mentioning how much we enjoyed our time in it. Playing guess the film, opinions etc. the horrible weather we tolerated in the northern plains, the iyyak's train food, fight for water & home-bought food and how to forget 'Cockroaches'.

  2. "The Railway Stations" : 
    I might have been less tired every single time if I was not made to wait at the railway station with my such heavy luggage every single time when we have to catch a new train. But those moments even have their own significance. Like the fact how we were suppose to get our seat no. told by our "Teacher Guardian", how the beggar's used to irritate the hell out of me every time and to top it all when some of our tour mates started singing laade on NJP station. But we still used to have a lot of pictures together there as well while sitting on or with our luggages!

  3. "Tiger Hills" : 
    That was the one of the first place we visited after reaching Darjeeling, and this place was known for it's awesome view of sunrise. For the first time in my life I was up at 2am in the night 'coz at 3am we have to leave.(otherwise we'll miss the sunrise. And yeah! I was awake not fallen asleep.) Unfortunately, we can't see the sunrise anyhow due to the fog that surrounded all the mountains...but the freezing temperature still gives me chills...! The fog was even leaving water droplets on our eyelashes but what I loved the most was the way up and back down to reach the view point from parking.


  4. "Monasteries" : 
    That was the first time in my life when I realized Buddhist even have so beautiful holy places. With so massive and peaceful idols of Lord Buddha. It felt like visiting a whole new form of temple but with the same faith. But if you didn't even liked that then lemme remind you of those cute little bald monks roaming around the monasteries...
  5. "Indo-China Border" : 
    "It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness." It actually applied in our case there. Those rough twisted and twirled roads really lead us to a place worth seeing. But reaching till there really made me out of breath. Though all those imaginations I had of how a border will look like were absolutely shattered, but yeah! witnessing a border was an amazing experience for me...but yelling Vande Mataram at such a place was annoying!
  6. "Maggie...:O" : 
    The true importance of Maggie our national favorite 2min. noodles can be learned only here. When you're hungry from the a long time and the roller-coaster roads had made your tummy even more empty you otta have something that can make your freezing body warmer. Having that bowl of soupy noodles was HEAVEN! even though my friends make fun of me 'coz I ordered two bowls of it, but who cares I was Hungry...!
  7. "The Views" : 
    The most eye catching and adorable memory that I will always sustain, will definitely be the views. Those Tea Gardens, Hills, Valleys, Mountains, Waterfall...AHH! the feeling of going through the clouds is still the most loved memory of this trip for me. Every time, I watch those views again on my computer or cell phone, my urge to live my whole life watching such a beautiful scenery becomes absolutely uncontrollable!

  8. "Proud Bragging" : 
    Those moments of extreme proud bragging when we tell others that we have been to almost all those places where films like "Yaariyan" and "Gunday" have been shot. Ok! I know we visited it much earlier and yes, we weren't fortunate enough to witness the shooting or see the star-cast. But you surely can brag about it!

  9. "The Journey Back Home" : 
    I don't think there was anyone who didn't starved to have a proper Ghar-ka-dinner back, especially on our return journey. I mean, our luggage's were all wet, we have barely dried, (from that awful rain we had in Kolkata.) there was no food or water left and to top it all our train was 2-3 hours late from it's original time. My phone battery was almost dead and I couldn't dared to charge it 'coz two students already lost their phone while charging it! Phew! I was never soo happy to see my family again but the journey back was even a lot of fun!
  10. "Opinion! Situation!"
    The last and my most favorite, the biggest reason why I'll miss this tour to the fullest will be due to the Opinions and Situation games that we played almost every night. How darkest secrets and absolutely unexpected feelings thinking came out before all of us! How I realized I'm the Tom-Boy of the gang. I understood that the problems that I have been facing are so same with all of us. It definitely broke many relationships but even strengthen my friendship..;)
And then just like that, my tour and my school ended! (I still can't accept this fact many times.) But these memories will always and always remain right here in my heart untouched. So, serious....umm, OK! let's get back to your stuff. Please share this blog if you like it! Comment below your favorite memory of our Tour. Please help me improve and stay tuned because hopefully I'll post a lot more interesting stuffs in the near future (suggest me stuffs for that).
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Until next post...


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